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Cosmic | High Quality Herb Grinders Made in Cali

Cosmic is the creator of some of the world’s greatest herb grinders. Established in 2000 as a Southern California, family owned and operated business, Cosmic Case has worked hard to earn their amazing reputation. Having worked in precision machining for over 60 years, this family already had all the necessary tools and equipment to make the highest quality high-end smoking accessories. Cosmic takes pride in the quality of material that they use in each and ever one of their products which is why everything is produced right here in the United States. Cosmic Case specializes in high-end smoking accessories such as 2-piece and 4-piece herb grinders, various sized presses, and titanium nails, dabbers, carb caps, and so much more. 

Today, we are going to talk specifically about the Cosmic Grinders and what makes them so special. These grinders include the 2-Piece Mini Herb Grinder, 2-Piece Small Herb Grinder, 2-Piece Large Herb Grinder, 4-Piece Mini Herb Grinder, 4-Piece Small Herb Grinder, 4-Piece Large Herb Grinder, 4-Piece X-Large Herb Grinder, Super Shredder, and the Pollen Grinder.

2-Piece Mini Herb Grinder

The Cosmic 2-piece mini herb grinder is made in the USA with American standards polished to perfection. Not only are the Cosmic grinders equipped with extremely sharp blades that grind even the toughest herb, they are also guaranteed to never dull or break. The commercial grade Neodymium earth magnet helps keep the grinder lid shut and secure without having to screw and unscrew your grinder every time you want to use it. This creates a quick and easy access for you!

The Mini Herb Grinder weighs just 2oz, has 26 blades, is 1.5” in diameter and has a height of .75”. You can grab a 2-piece mini herb grinder in six colors: Mystic Blue, Stoney Green, Passion Purple, Smoke, Ruby Red, and Classic Polish today for just $29.99 each.

2-Piece Small Herb Grinder

The Cosmic 2-piece small herb grinder offers the same exact great features as the Mini Herb Grinder except it is slightly larger in size. The finished product is a smooth, food grade, shiny Cosmic grinder available in 6 unique colors. 

The Small Herb Grinder weighs slightly under 1lb, has 55 blades, and has a 2” diameter and 1” height. You can pick up your 2-piece small herb grinder in six colors: Mystic Blue, Stoney Green, Passion Purple, Smoke, Ruby Red, and Classic Polish today for just $34.99 each.

2-Piece Large Herb GRINDER 

Cosmic Large 2-piece herb grinders are made from extremely high quality right here in the United States. Just like the Mini and Small Herb Grinders, the Large Grinder is built with razor sharp blades that will never dull or break.

The Large Herb Grinder weighs 8oz, has 73 blades, and has a 3” diameter and 1” height. You can pick up your 2-piece large herb grinder in six colors: Mystic Blue, Stoney Green, Passion Purple, Smoke, Ruby Red, and Classic Polish today for just $39.99.

4-Piece Mini Herb Grinder

The awesome Cosmic Mini Herb Grinder is the perfect grinder for annoying grinding small amounts of herb while still desiring the features of a 4-piece grinder. This grinder features precision razor teeth, Neodymium earth magnets, a pollen screen, and a pollen scraper.

The Mini 4-piece herb grinder weighs just 2oz, has 26 grinder blades, and has a diameter of 1.5” and Height of 1.5”. This tool and all its glory can be yours for just $49.99.

4-Piece Small Herb Grinder 

The Cosmic Small Herb Grinder 4-Piece is the big brother of the mini herb grinder. It has all of the same great functionality and features including the USA made unbreakable razor sharp blades that are guaranteed never to dull. The finished product is a smooth, food grade, shiny Cosmic Grinder that stands by its quality. 

Weighing just 4oz, the 4-piece small herb grinder contains 41 blades and measurements of 2” in diameter and 2.25” in height. You can add this beautiful grinder to your collection for just $64.99.

4-Piece Large Herb Grinder

The 4-piece Large Herb Grinder is the father of the Small Herb Grinder. With all the great features that Cosmic includes in their grinder, you can rest assured that this is the perfect grinder for a smoker who grinds frequently. The large screen is perfect for collecting pollen and the scraper makes it easy to scoop it up. 

Weighing just 8oz, this 60-piece grinder has a 2.75” diameter and 2” height. Pick up the Cosmic Large Herb Grinder with four pieces for just $74.99.

4-Piece X-Large Herb Grinder

As you probably could guess by now, the Cosmic X-Large 4-piece Herb Grinder is going to be almost identical to the Large Herb Grinder except it will be a little larger and have more blades.

The X-Large 4-piece grinder has 92 teeth, is 3.5” in diameter, and 2.80” in height, weighing an impressive 10oz. This grinder is the king of all grinders and is sure to impress all your friends. Grab one today for just $89.99 and never buy another grinder again.

Super Shredder

The Cosmic Super Shredder is a unique grinder that looks unlike anything you have ever seen before. This piece is completely different from typical grinders and allows you to freely grind herbs to a thicker/courser grind. Simply place fresh herbs in the free space, and turn right to grind. Then turn the grinder left to fill the screened storage. Never again do you have to press herb in between the grinder’s teeth.

The Super Shredder grinder is a 4-piece grinder with a pollen screen and pollen storage area. This grinder can be purchased in a classic polish finish or a Cosmic Smoke finish. Using only 10 blades, this grinder manages to weigh 1lb with a 2.2” diameter and 2.25” height. Find your Super Shredder Grinder online for just $64.99.

Pollen Grinder

The Pollen Grinder by Cosmic is a unique 3-piece grinder that focuses on collecting pollen from your herb. Just like a 2-piece grinder, you can grind up your herb, the only difference is that the Pollen Grinder also catches your Pollen through tiny holes that act as a screen underneath the bottom row of blades. 

The Cosmic Pollen Grinder has 40 blades, a 2.2” diameter, and a 1.5” height costing only $49.99.

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