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Mystic Timber | Dabbers, Roach Clips, & Carb Caps

Mystic Timber is the proud creator of high quality, all natural, U.S. made wooden dabbers. As a family-owned business, service and quality are the most important areas that Mystic Timber focuses. All Mystic Timber smoking tools are produced in the U.S. being crafted from sustainable hardwood sourced from Central and North America. The non-wood pieces on the Mystic Timber products are made from T2 grade titanium, nickel-plated stainless steel, and various other quality materials proving that Mystic Timber only uses the very best quality materials. Find all the best roach clips, dabbers, carb caps, and hybrid tools that Mystic Timber has to offer. 

Mystic Timber Beast Roach Clips

The Mystic Timber Beast Roach Clips are the original smoking wands used for hand rolls across the world. Each Beast wand is hand-crafted, eco-friendly, and high-quality, long-lasting hardware. The Beasts come in 3 unique sizes. The Classic Beast roach clip measures 8-inches long while the Neo Beast roach clip is 6-inches and the Midi Beast is 3.5 inches. 

Depending on your circumstances, one beast roach clip may be better for you than another. Do you have a designated smoking room? If so, the Classic Beast is probably the best for you. Its larger design makes it perfect for passing around a room and sharing with groups. Choose from 3 beautiful wood options including: bloodwood, wenge, and maple for just $15.99 each. 

If you like to smoke on-the-go and want something extremely portable, the Midi Beast is exactly what you need. Its compact design allows you to keep it in your pocket without discomfort. Choose from 3 beautiful wood options including: bloodwood, wenge, and maple for just $13.99 each. 

If you are looking for something in-between, check out the 6-inch Neo Beast roach clip by Mystic Timber. The midi has the perfect balance of compactness without missing out on functionality. Choose from 3 beautiful wood options including: bloodwood, wenge, and maple for just $11.99 each. 

Mystic Timber Dabbers

Mystic Timber Dabbers are broken up into two categories: pocket dabbers and midi dabbers. Both categories come with options of ball dabbers, scoop dabbers, and shovel dabbers making a total of 6 unique dabbers with 3 wood styles each (18 total dabbers). 

The Pocket Dabbers by Mystic Timber are smaller in size measuring 4-inches in length. These dabbers get their name because they are so compact in size that they can easily fit inside of your pocket. Get your pocket dabber for $18.99.

The Midi Dabbers are a little bit larger than the pocket dabbers. Measuring 5.5-inches in length, the midi dab tools are great for using in your house or dedicated smoking room. Grab a midi dabber for $22.99.

Whether you choose a pocket dabber or a midi dabber, you can’t go wrong. Each dabber handle is made of hand-crafted wooden components from North American hardwoods. The dabber itself is made of high-quality T2 Titanium. Not only do these dabbers perform great, they also look great with 3 beautiful wood options including: bloodwood, wenge, and maple. 

Mystic Timber Puck Carb Cap / Dabbers

The Mystic Timber Puck Carb Cap / Dabbers are super handy with their sophisticated carb cap / dabber hybrid design. Do you hate having to keep track of your carb cap and your dabber separately? One always happens to go missing right when you need it most. With the Mystic Timber Puck dab tools, you never have to worry about that again. 

These hybrid carb cap / dabbers feature a wooden handle crafted of sustainable hardwoods and grade 2 titanium dabber and carb caps. The 45-degree vent hole on the carb cap is designed as a vent hole that carborates the airflow for smooth vaporization at any temp. 

Choose the Puck carb cap and dabber in three unique hand-milled titanium tips: ball, pic/scoop, or flat shovel. Also, choose from three unique woods: bloodwood, wenge, and maple for just $55.99. 

Mystic Timber Dabber / Roach Clips

The Mystic Timber Dabber / Roach Clip is exactly what it sounds like, a dabber and roach clip 2-in-1. No longer do you have to carry around two separate smoking tools, Mystic Timber has made them one! Perfect for those that are fans of both hand rolls and concentrates, the dabber/clip is loved by many around the world. 

The 3-inch handle is crafted from sustainable tropical and North American hardwoods right here in America. The dabber is made from grade 2 titanium with three unique dab options including: ball, pic/scoop, or flat shovel. On the other end of the dabber is the roach clip. The roach clip is made from nickel plated stainless steel offering a highly durable and clean material. 

Grab your favorite Mystic Timber dabber / roach clip with three unique dabber options and choose from three beautiful wood designs including: bloodwood, wenge, and maple for just $26.99 each.

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