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Transformer Tubes | Build & Customize Your Bong

Transformer Tubes are the most customizable, modular water pipes on the market today. Transformer Tubes are a family of interchangeable pieces that can be assembled to create a variety of unique combinations of bongs, dab rigs, and hookahs. These tubes take the customization of Legos and implement this concept into cool water pipes. Each module features a male and female thread allowing you to easily customize and adapt with any of the 60+ modules available. Made from extremely durable BPA-free Polycarbonate plastic, the Transformer tubes even use a glass bowl and downstem so you are still smoking right out of the glass. Using Polycarbonate for parts of the water pipe drastically reduces your chance of accidents. The quality material that Transformer Tubes uses offers a clean and durable smoke even when dabbing!

Now that we know a little bit about the company and what they do, let’s get into the specific components and add-on options that the Transformer Tubes offer. The main components that make up a Transformer Tube are its Flask Base, Ice Chamber, Dome Percolator, Milking Chamber, Solid Freeze, the Mouthpiece and of course the glass-on-glass bowl & downstem.

Transformer Tube main components.

Flask Base

The first and probably the most necessary piece of your Transformer Pipe is the Flask Base. This is the foundation of your water pipe on which all other modules are constructed. The Transformer Pipe’s Flask Base comes standard with a glass on glass 14mm diffused downstem, and 14mm standard glass bowl. Other than the bowl and downstem, the Flask Base is made entirely from indestructible, shatter-proof polycarbonate. This module costs $34.99.

Ice Chamber

The Transformer Tube Ice Chamber is pretty straight forward. This module is literally an expansion that can be filled with ice to experience a cool and refreshing smoking experience. Also made from polycarbonate, this piece is indestructible and shatterproof coming with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Enjoy a cooler, refreshing smoke for just $9.99.

Dome Percolator

The Transformer Tube Dome Percolator features an umbrella design with twelve small slits providing the ultimate percolation. Just fill up the perc half way with water and you are all set. Feeling crazy? Add a second, third, or fourth dome percolator in addition to your ice chamber for the coolest smoke of your life. Just like most of the components offered by Transformer Tubes, your dome percolator is made from indestructible, shatter-proof polycarbonate offering a lifetime warranty. Grab your Transformer Tube Dome Percolator today for $14.99.

Milking Chamber

Transformer Tube Milking Chamber is the expansion module where the majority of your smoke will accumulate for clearance. This chamber is essentially a 6.5” tube used for milking your hit before entering your lungs. Serious smokers can add additional milking chambers for a much fatter hit. This indestructible, shatter-proof polycarbonate tube is $7.99 and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Solid Freeze

The Transformer Tube Solid Freeze is not only one of the most useful additions to your smoking pipe, but it is also one of the coolest looking. This module is filled with recycled glass pebbles that dissipate heat for a cooler and cleaner smoke. The glass pebbles will often vary in color from clear to red and not only serve a great purpose offering a cool and smooth hit, but they also add character and color to your pipe. Made from indestructible, shatterproof polycarbonate and offering a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty the Transformer Tube Solid Freeze is only $19.99.


The last important part of your Transformer Tube is the Mouthpiece. The Mouthpiece offers a flared-out design for extra comfort on your mouth. Consistent with the rest of the modules, the mouthpiece is made from indestructible, shatterproof polycarbonate and offers a lifetime warranty. The Transformer Tube Mouthpiece is $3.99.

Additional Modules & Extras 


  • Carbon Fiber Mouthpiece – A custom carbon fiber shell mouthpiece.
  • Orange Mouthpiece – Add some color to your Transformer Tube with an orange mouthpiece.

Angle Adapters

  • 45 Degree Angle Adapter – Combine modules in a whole new way with a 45-degree angle adapter.
  • 90 Degree Angle Adapter - Combine modules in a whole new way with a 90-degree angle adapter. 


  • Diffused Glass Downstem 14mm – Easily replace a lost or broken downstem.
  • Funnel Bowl 14mm – A standard glass bowl in the shape of a funnel.  
  • Standard Glass Bowl 14mm – A standard glass bowl in a circular shape.


  • 5oz Jar – This 5oz jar is perfect for storing your herbs and can easily be attached to your pipe.
  • Small Jar – A mini jar to store your herbs. Air-tight, odor proof, and water-resistant.


  • Multi Filter Module – Allows you to use organic cottons and carbon activated felt filters in one module.
  • Felt Filter Module – A module used to keep your felt filters secure.
  • Pipe Rocks Filter Module Small – A small module used to keep your pipe rocks secure.
  • Pipe Rocks Filter Module Large – A small module used to keep your pipe rocks secure
  • Felt Filters – Purify the smoke for a much smoother smoking experience as activated carbon is embedded in the felt filter.
  • Wool Freeze Filter – Made of compressed stainless steel shavings this will cool smoke and filter debris.
  • Organic Cotton Filters – Great for catching tar and locking in residue.
  • Carbon Filter Pipe Rocks – Activated carbon which simply purify smoke for a smoother smoking experience.


  • Hookah Downflow Percolator – This percolator allows air to flow down the tube after percolation has occurred.
  • Hookah Tray Adapter – A tray for you to ash in during a hookah session.


  • Freezer Koozie – Aids in insulating your freeze modules to increase efficiency in freeze time.
  • Splash Guard – Prevents water from splashing on the above modules when using percolators.
  • Rocket Ship Percolator – An umbrella percolator designed inside a rocket ship module. This perc allows increased water level for maximum percolation and smoke clearance.
  • Fluid Freezer – Filled with glycerin, place this module in the freezer for a great cooling effect. Available in 6 colors: blue, green, red, purple, yellow, and pink.
  • Carbon Fiber Milking Chamber – The same great milking chamber but made from Carbon Fiber.
  • Omni Stem – Multi-use capability by easily converting a base into a down-flow percolator or making a super upflow hyper-perc.

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