1905 RYOT Wood Grinders | All Wood Grinder for Herb

1905 RYOT Wood Grinders | All Wood Grinder for Herb

Today, we are going to talk about RYOT grinders and why they are the best. But first, you should learn a little bit about the company. 

RYOT designs and creates modern lifestyle accessories geared for the 21st-century consumer. RYOT was established in 2003 and is made by smokers for smokers. Their focus is creating the highest quality accessories with perfection as a standard for every product that they manufacture. RYOT offers a variety of product categories including Pack and Protect (containers for storing your piece and herb), Taster Bats (cigarette shaped pieces), Taster Boxes (for storing your Taster Bats & herb), and most importantly they produce high-quality Grinders (for grinding your herb). 

We are going to break down the six unique grinders that RYOT is responsible for creating. These grinders include the 1905 OCTO Ball Grinder, 1905 SQUARE Grinder, 1905 FLY Grinder, 1905 SLIM Grinder, 1905 EYE Grinder, and the 1905 ALWOOD Grinder.

1905 SQUARE Grinder 

The RYOT Square Herb Grinder is simply one of the best and most stylish two piece wooden grinders ever made. It produces a coarser grind that is perfect for pipes and rolling joints or blunts. With the beautiful design, stainless steel pins, aged and cured rosewood, and strong magnetic closures, the 1905 Square herb grinder has it all.

The RYOT Square Herb Grinder has a square design weighing just 3 oz with dimensions of 2.91” (L) x 2.28” (W) x 1.18” (H) and is just $16.00.

1905 FLY Grinder

The RYOT Fly Herb Grinder will never warp or lose teeth! This two piece grinder has all of the great features of the 1905 Square and Octo but with a great new design. The RYOT Fly Grinder has a concave design which makes gripping the grinder very smooth and comfortable. Did I mention that this grinder has a 20% larger chamber than standard grinders?

The RYOT Fly Herb Grinder weighs just 3 oz with dimensions of 2.91" (L) x 2.28" (W) x 1.18" (H) and can be yours for $16.00. 

1905 SLIM Grinder 

The 1905 Slim Herb Grinder is a beautifully symmetric piece of art. This two piece grinder is made with exceptional craftsmanship and is guaranteed never to warp or lose pins. It has a magnetic closure, impaled stainless steel pins (no glue), and aged and cured rosewood. It is polished with a non-toxic vegetable based finishing oil giving it a clean and impressive look. 

The 1905 Slim Herb Grinder has a square design similar to the RYOT Square Grinder except it is a little bit more “slim” with dimensions of 2.05” (L) x 2.05” (W) x 1.18” (H). The best part is that it won’t hurt your wallet at all costing only $16.00.

1905 EYE Grinder

The 1905 EYE Herb Grinder is an all wood grinder made from aged and cured Rosewood. Can you guess where it gets its name from? The EYE two-piece grinder gets its name because it is made in the shape of the human eye. With a chamber that is 20% larger than standard grinders, magnetic closure, and stainless steel teeth, the RYOT Eye grinder provides the perfect grind every time. 

The 1905 Eye Herb Grinder weighs just 3 oz with dimensions of 2.91" (L) x 2.28" (W) x 1.18" (H) and can be a part of your collection for only $16.00. 

1905 ALWOOD Grinder 

The 1905 ALWOOD Herb Grinder is the top of the line option when it comes to the RYOT Grinders. Out of the six grinders in the collection, the Alwood grinder is the only four-piece grinder available. This piece is also designed with 100% Acacia wood with tapered drop through holes for a smooth grind. This is also the only RYOT grinder made with wooden teeth for the most natural grind money can buy. You are not going to want to miss out on this all wooden grinder with a Lucite pollen collection tray.

The 1905 Alwood Herb Grinder weighs just 6 oz with dimensions of 2.36" (L) x 2.36" (W) x 2.56" (H). Pick up your ALWOOD Grinder today for just $38.00. 

The best part about RYOT Grinders is that you really can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. Each 1905 edition grinder made by RYOT is made from the highest quality materials and manufactured with precision and accuracy. Find all the best wood grinders for you herb at WickiePipes.

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