420 Accessories | Pipe Screens, Herb Grinders, Storage & More

420 Accessories | Pipe Screens, Herb Grinders, Storage & More

WickiePipes strives to provide more 420 accessories than any other online head shop around. Some of these 420 accessories include ashtrays, stash cases, pipe cleaners, smoke filters, herb grinders, rechargeable USB lighters, pipe screens, herb storage, dab tools, and more. Featuring only the top brands, WickiePipes takes the guess work out of choosing 420 accessories. Each product is built to last and work great for many years to come. Take a look below for some of the world’s most interesting 420 smoking accessories found all under one roof. 

Debowlers & Ashtrays

One of the most unappreciated items in a smoker’s life is an ashtray. If you don’t have an ashtray, you are probably ashing in your trash, outside, or on the ground. Not only are these places unsafe to ash, they can also be inconvenient forcing you to get up. WickiePipes offers a variety including Marley Natural Crystal Ashtray, Debowlers, and the Kashtray. You can find an ashtray in plastic, glass, and even high temp silicone rubber. The Marley Natural Crystal Ashtray, Kashtray and Debowler have pokers built in the center so that you can easily remove sticky product from your pipe, bong, vape, and more. These ashtrays range in price from $9.99 to $19.99.

Stash Cases

WickiePipes carries a wide array of uniquely sized, shaped, and priced smoke stash herb and pipe containers. With storage sources ranging from SmellSafe cases to backpacks, travel bags, mini bags, pocket pipe cases, small herb containers, shell cases, padded stashes, and various pipe storage containers, they are sure to have something that you will find stylish as well as effective. Quit walking around with potent herb and grab a smell proof smoke stash, pipe storage, or herb container. WickiePipes has a diverse selection of products and pricing ranging from RYOT pipe cases for as low as $9.99 or Erbanna Backpacks for up to $80.00.  

Pipe Cleaners

Another extremely important 420 accessory is pipe cleaners. Whether you are looking for a 100% organic cleaner like Kleen Green Gold or you just want some ResCaps for your bong, they have it all. Whether you own a glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, or acrylic piece, there is a cleaner designed specifically for your pipe that won’t hurt your wallet. Find brands like Formula 420, BlingKleen Green Gold, under one roof at WickiePipes. Pipe cleaner products range from $1.99 to $59.99 depending on the product and quantity. 

Smoke Filters 

Smoke Filters come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and functionality. When you think of a filter, don’t think of the thing you see on the back of a cigarette. There are a ton of ways to filter smoke depending on your reason for filtering it. You can filter your smoke by using Hemp Wick to light your bowl, a SmokeBuddy to filter out the danky smell of your herb, or even some 420 Odor Eliminator spray to remove smoke from your air. Smoke filters can be used to keep you healthy (removing harmful butane by using wick) or to keep your smoking discreet (odor eliminator sprays). Don’t go another day without smoke filters in your life. Choose between I-Tal Hemp Wick, SmokeBuddy Filters, Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick, Spray 420 Odor Eliminator, and Formula 420 Smog Out Spray with prices ranging from $3.00 to $39.99.

Herb Grinders 

Herb Grinders are absolutely essential to any smoker’s life. If you haven’t experienced the smoothness and consistency of freshly ground herbs, you are missing out. Not only do grinders provide a better smoking experience, but they also keep your fingers from becoming sticky and smelly. WickiePipes offers one of finest collections of grinders you can find. Whether you are looking for a 2, 3, 4, or 5-piece grinder there are a ton of options for you to choose from. With top brands like Kannastor GrindersMarley Natural, RYOT, and Magic Flight, you can feel confident that you will not be disappointed. Choose from a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and grind consistencies for the perfect grind every time. Find all your crank grinders, twist grinders, electric grinders, hard-top grinders, clear-top grinders, and more ranging from $15.00 to $140.00. 

Pipe Screens 

When it comes to smoking out of a pipe, it’s common to need pipe screens. Although it can be annoying having to replace these screens, they make a world of difference in the performance of your pipe. That’s why WickiePipes offers a variety of pipe screens that fit in just about any type of smoking piece. Pipe screens prevent you from inhaling ash “Scooby Snacks” by acting as a barrier between your herb and your mouth. They also play a huge factor in the cleanliness of your pipe. If you feel like your pipe is getting way too dirty, way too quick, you probably need a new screen. Pipe screens can reduce the amount of residue build up by 5x compared to using your piece without a screen. WickiePipes offers a variety of glass screens, stainless steel screens, titanium screens, bong screens, and pipe screens to fit your preferences. Grab some screens today in sizes ranging from 0.625 inches to 0.750 inches with prices from $2.99 a pack to $4.99.

Herb Storage

A quality herb storage container can be one of the most useful 420 accessories ever. Sure, anyone can grab a Ziploc baggy or cigarette wrapper to put their herb in, but that’s low-quality stuff.  Whether you are looking to store a gram or an ounce, WickiePipes has the herb jars and storage containers that you need. It’s important to keep your herb in a safe environment that allows it to stay fresh as long as possible. Find metal, and glass jars from a variety of brands including CVault stainless steel storage, and the CannaFresh glass jars.

Do you need a smell proof container that keeps your herb at the perfect level of freshness? Then the CVault storage is perfect for you! Do you just want a glass jar to showcase your top shelf herb? If so, the CannaFresh clear glass jars are the perfect solution. Whatever your needs, WickiePipes has the perfect herb storage for you.

Tools & Dabbers

When it comes to 420 accessories, there are a ton of unique smoking tools & dabbers out there that make your smoking experience 100x better. For example, the Toker Poker is a cover for your lighter with a poker and tamper built in. No longer do you have to use your finger or the bottom of your lighter to tamper a bowl. Also, there is a great smoking tool called the High Knife. This is basically a Swiss army knife and pipe combination featuring a pipe, blade, bottle opener, screwdriver, pipe cleaner, roach clip, and various other tools. Other handy tools offered here are the Nuggy by, NugTools, RYOT smoker's multi-tool and Toker Tool by Lifter Industries. Also in the line of multi-tool offered is the Kush Army Knife. Never lose your lighter or dabs again by simply attaching them to the neck of your bong. Oh, and we can’t forget the Happy Daddy Products. These are some of the best stainless steel and titanium dab tools on the market. Whatever you need, WickiePipes has the best tools and accessories to make your life easier.

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