420 Odor Eliminator | World's #1 Odor Reducer Spray

420 Odor Eliminator | World's #1 Odor Reducer Spray

Odor Eliminator LLC is responsible for the creation of the world famous 420 odor eliminator. Endorsed by Bone thugs-n-harmony, if this spray is good enough to be used by Layzie Bone inside of his Maybach, it should be good enough for you! Odor Eliminator is the creator of the world’s strongest herb odor eliminator. The secret to the 420 Odor Eliminator is that it uses a dry aerosol instead of a wet spray so it is safe on all fabrics, is pet friendly, and environmentally friendly. The 420 Odor Eliminator is made in the United States and is great for your a/c intake vents, autos, upholstery, smoking area, bathrooms, and bedding. High Times Magazine said, “This is the BEST single odor solution we have EVER tried…” 

Be Mindful

Whether you are a daily toker or you occasionally dabble with smoking herb, there’s one thing that’s certain. Not everybody in your life enjoys the smell of smoke. There are also probably some people in your life that you don’t want to let know you smoke. If you want to be mindful of your friends, family, or coworkers, then it’s time to check out the 420 Odor Eliminator spray. This spray is extremely affordable for anyone and can be used in your car, on your clothes, and in your home.

420 vs Others

420 Odor Eliminator is by far the best odor eliminator on the market. When tested against the other leading Odor Eliminator Sprays, 420 Spray came out as the safest, purest, and most effective spray every time. It’s pretty simple really… Since smoke rises, you should use an odor reducer that does the same thing. Not something that you spray and it floats down to the floor.

The 420 Odor Eliminator is unique because it uses a dry aerosol which rises in the air when you spray it, just like your smoke. While rising, the aerosol connects itself to smelly molecules in the air, eliminating the smell entirely, not just masking it. There is nothing worse than a combination of smoke and scented spray. It smells horrible and is obvious you are trying to hide something. If you are going to use a spray, use one that actually eliminates the smoke smell.

The Smell

Everyone who uses 420 Odor Spray says that it comes out smelling like fresh linens. You know, the smell that you get after taking fresh clothes out of the dryer with some amazing dryer sheets? It doesn’t smell like you are trying to hide something or cover it up, it just smells like you are a clean person with fresh smelling clothes.

Safe & Clean

Oh, did I mention that 420 Odor Eliminator is safe to use on just about everything? Other odor reducers are wet and can stain your fabrics, leaving your furniture, car, and clothes completely ruined. That doesn’t happen with the 420 Odor Eliminator. It’s so safe, that many celebrities trust the 420 Spray on their delicate fabrics, expensive furniture, and luxury cars.

Endorsements + Endorsements

Used by celebrities all around the world, 420 Spray Odor Eliminator is the absolute best odor remover. Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Noreaga and many others use this spray while they are on tour. It’s also approved by HotBox which is a pretty huge deal and confirms that 420 Spray is a high-quality product. Even High Times Magazine wrote that 420 Odor Eliminator Spray is “the BEST single odor solution we have EVER tried…”

Whether you are trying to be more discreet with your smoking, or just be mindful of others, the 420 Odor Eliminator is a must have product that any smoker should have.

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