All-In-One Pipes | Best Smoking Pipes & Features

All-In-One Pipes | Best Smoking Pipes & Features

All-in-one Pipes have become increasingly popular smoking pipes and it is easy to see why. These compact, on-the-go pieces combine everything you need all in one place. With an increase in demand for all-in-one pipes, there have been some amazing inventions to make your life easier, while elevating you to the next level. We are going to break down some of the great features that all-in-one pipes offer by showing you some of the top all-in-one pipes on the market today. 

What is an all-in-one pipe?

There are many different all-in-one pipes available today but there is one thing that they all have in common. They all offer you additional features beyond just the capabilities of a smoking pipe. Some of them will come with a built-in lighter, others will include storage for your herb or concentrates, and other offer a built-in grinder. Whatever it is, all-in-one pipes are designed to make your life easier by combining multiple features into one piece for a compact, convenient, and often discreet approach at smoking.

Wickie Pipe Lighter

The Wickie Pipe Lighter is an epic all-in-one pipe offering safe storage of your favorite herbs, a built in lighter, and of course the pipe portion. The Wickie Pipe Lighter’s flip up acrylic mouth piece opens to a 90-degree angle for smooth and seamless use. The bowl is protected by a metal-flap that conveniently secures your unused product when you are finished smoking.

What makes this pipe an all-in-one is its built-in storage as well as the built-in lighter. This pipes storage compartment can be found attached to the body underneath the acrylic mouthpiece. The lighter is designed right on top of your bowl so it will light your bowl for you. Never burn your fingers again! The Wickie Pipe Lighter is easily refilled with butane gas and you can even adjust the flame control to your desired level, controlling the size of your rip. Get yours for just $39.99.

Grav Labs Helix

The Grav Labs Helix brings customization to a whole new level with their versatile 3-in-1 Multi-Kit Pipe. This all-in-one bubbler, one-hitter chillum, and spoon pipe is one of the most multipurpose glass pipes available. The Grav Labs proprietary Helix funnel shaped Venturi chamber body has three aerodynamically oriented micro-holes that create a swirling vortex of smooth smoke for a clean and smooth smoking experience. This piece is blown from clear cane borosilicate glass and can be yours today for only $114.99.

Mendo Pipe

The Mendo Pipe Original built by the designers of the world famous Proto Pipe is a virtually indestructible all-in-one smoking pipe. Made from solid brass components in California, this pipe undergoes a twenty-seven-step process to make this hand-crafted piece of art.

What makes the Mendo Pipe an all-in-one masterpiece? This smoking pipe includes a storage compartment, poker rod, a swivel Bowl Top Clip for hand rolled items and a bottom swivel lid for the tar chamber. The storage compartment is discretely placed in the body of the pipe and fits the equivalent of 5 Mendo Pipe bowls. The poker tool is used to clean the Mendo Pipe’s built in screen by pushing out unwanted debris. The Bowl Top Clip features a cut out half circle that is the perfect size for fitting a pre-rolled joint or blunt. Yes, you can actually smoke a hand rolled out of your pipe without having to physically hold it in place the entire time. For only $69.99 you can pick up this all-in-one pipe that will last you for years.


If you are looking for one piece that has everything you could ever want built together, the SmoCAN is where it’s at. This all-in-one pipe has built in storage, a 4-piece herb grinder, mini-BIC lighter compartment, a ceramic cigarette pipe bat, and a poker cleaning tool. I told you that it had everything. 

To top it all off, the SmoCAN all-in-one is unbreakable made from quality aluminum, air tight to keep your odors in, and waterproof to keep your herb dry. It’s convenient twist-off and twist-on design makes it extremely easy to use all the built-in accessories while maintaining a discreet look. With all of these necessary features in one place, you will never leave the house again without a lighter, or any other necessary tool. The SmoCAN has everything you need all in one place. Grab your SmoCAN and have everything you need all in one place for $49.99.

Atmos – Vape Lighter

The Atmos Vape Lighter is a one of a kind lighter and vaporizer merged conveniently into one amazing device. This fully electric all-in-one portable dry-herb vape lighter is the world’s first Vape Lighter by Atmos. With built-in USB charge capability, this device is not only sleek and stylish coming in 10 different colors, but best of all, it is windproof. That’s right, the Atmos Vape Lighter all-in-one can be lit in any weather and will not affect your vaping experience. Simply fill the heating chamber with your favorite herb, attach the rubber mouthpiece, and enjoy.

Whatever you need out of an all-in-one pipe whether it is a grinder, storage, a lighter, etc. there is bound to be the perfect piece out there for you. Select one of the more popular pipes listed above or choose from a huge selection of all-in-one pipes that WickiePipes has to offer.

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