Alpha-Cat AlphaPuff Kit | All-in-One Pipe + More

Alpha-Cat AlphaPuff Kit | All-in-One Pipe + More

Alpha-Cat is the creator of the famous all-in-one AlphaPuff Kit. Alpha-Cat set out to create a solution where all the necessities of smoking a bowl on-the-go were in one compact place. Instead of packing a bulky backpack with a breakable bong, heavy grinder, lighter, and everything else you need, Alpha-Cat has created a simpler alternative. That’s where the AlphaPuff kit comes in. The AlphaPuff Kit is a compact all-in-one smoking kit that comes with a water pipe, grinder, cleaning tool, storage compartment, rolling papers, filter tips, and even their TurboTorch lighter to make smoking outdoors simple and effective.

AlphaPuff Kit

Alpha Cat AlphaPuff Kit is an all-in-one water pipe for all of your smoking needs. Don’t ever worry about leaving the house without a smoking accessory. The AlphaPuff Kit comes fully equipped with a grinder, portable water pipe, cleaning tool, storage compartments for your rolling cones, filter tips, rolling papers, and aromatic material. To top it all off, the AlphaPuff Kit even comes with a refillable Alpha TurboTorch lighter! All you need is your favorite herb and the AlphaPuff Kit is ready to go.

Refillable Torch Lighter

The Alpha Cat Refillable Torch Lighter comes included in your AlphaPuff Kit. This sleek torch is made from high quality materials and is easily refillable with just about any kind of butane. The advantage of using a torch compared to a traditional lighter is going to be that the torch is wind resistant. Whether you are hiking, biking, or on the beach, your torch is sure to get the job done.

Rolling Papers and Filter Tips

The Alpha Cat Rolling Papers and Filter Tips are a great addition to this all-in-one pipe. The AlphaPuff Kit comes standard with Alpha-Cat king size rolling papers and Alpha-Cat filter tips which give you the option to roll up a joint or smoke directly from your Alpha-Cat pipe.

Storage Compartments

The AlphaPuff Kit has some pretty amazing storage capabilities with two unique compartments. The first storage compartment is in the neck of the pipe. Here you can safely store three pre-rolled joints at a time without having to worry about them bending or breaking. The second storage compartment is connected to the top of the grinder. Here, you can easily store about an eighth of your favorite herb whether it is grinded or full sized nugs.


Speaking of grinding, the AlphaPuff Kit even comes with an awesome plastic grinder. This grinder is perfect for shredding your herb to a fine consistency that is great for packing a bowl or rolling a joint. It offers increased convenience by utilizing the power of a magnet to stay together instead of having to screw and unscrew it every time. 

Cleaning Brush

The AlphaPuff Kit Cleaning Brush just tops off everything great about this product. Because a grinder, pipe, lighter, storage, joint papers + filters wasn’t enough, Alpha-Cat decided to throw in the necessary tools to clean your piece. The custom-made cleaning brush is perfect for insuring your glass down stem is always sparkling clean. This is a truly functional all-in-one pipe because there is nothing else you could ever need when you have the AlphaPuff Kit.

Grab this infinitely useful, multipurpose, all-in-one pipe of the century made by Alpha-Cat for just $59.99 and truly understand the definition of convenience.

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