ANAXY Grinders | Anaxy Seed & Star Herb Grinder

ANAXY Grinders | Anaxy Seed & Star Herb Grinder

ANAXY Grinders are some of the very best herb grinders in the world. ANAXY is a product development company passionate about bringing ideas to life. They are on a mission to empower the world with durable and functional smoking accessories while creating the very best tools for daily use. ANAXY products include the SEED and STAR all-in-one herb grinders. Both grinders have been called the World’s most creative grinders. The 5-piece SEED is the basic version of the grinder with the ability to grind and dispense dried herb all from one device. The STAR 9-piece grinder is more advanced with six different compartments that can be used for grinding, mixing, storing, and dispensing your herb. Let’s dive into the specs, pricing, quality of these herb grinders.

SEED Herb Grinder

The ANAXY Seed herb grinder is basically the child of the ANAXY Star herb grinder. It is a smaller, more compact, and slightly more limited model but don’t let that fool you. The ANAXY SEED Grinder is still an extremely functional all-in-one tool that can grind and dispense dried herbs all from one device. This 5-piece threadless grinder is connected entirely through high-powered magnets. It consists of 35 blades, weighs only 2 oz, and is made from aluminum. The Seed grinders “dispensing module” guides the ground herbs directly into your vaporizer, pre-rolled cone, or bowl while avoiding contact with your fingers. This keeps your hands from becoming sticky and stanky.

  • Grab yourself an ANAXY Seed herb grinder in 2 colors: gold and graphite, for only $34.99.

STAR Herb Grinder

The ANAXY Star herb grinder is truly the world’s most creative grinder. This one of a kind grinder consists of nine pieces that allow it to grind, mix, store, and dispense your herb. The ANAXY STAR Grinder has six different compartments (like a revolver), each designed to fill a bowl. Whether you want to fill all six compartments up with one strain of herb or six different strains, that’s up to you. Perfectly convenient for on the go smoking, the Star Herb Grinder features two sets of blades that provide a very nice and fine grind. 

The convenient threadless technology used in the ANAXY grinders makes putting this 9-piece grinder together a walk in the park. Simply move the piece next to each other and they snap back in place with the high-powered magnets. Enjoy the luxury of never having sticky and smelly fingers again. This unique herb grinder also comes with a proprietary conical pipe attachment specially designed for filling pre-rolls. 

  • Choose the ANAXY Star herb grinder in 2 colors: gold and graphite, for just $59.99.

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