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Best Hand Pipes of 2015

Best Hand Pipes of 2015

Hand pipes with a modern twist, show’n tell pieces & conversation starters are paving the way for technologically advanced designs and functional selections that consists of new innovations... Has it ever occurred that smoking out of traditional pipes are a thing of the past and you want something cool and interesting to show off to your friends? If the answer is yes, we have gathered a few pipes that will do just that and blow your mind at the same time! 

Armilon Capsule Pipe is one of the most interesting designs we’ve seen. At first glance, or even at second glance you can’t tell what it is, you might think it is something out of a Men In Black movie and we’re guessing Armilon had this vision when they sought out to designing this pipe.Let’s get something straight, Capsule Pipe may seem to be cute and sexy, but let me tell you this; just hit it once and it will hit back - it’s mighty! The power is triggered within its chamber and controlled with its “carb.” That being said, Capsule Pipe is gentle on your material, provides cool smooth tokes and lasting fun. Experience Capsule!

Journey3 Pipe, simply fantastic. No screens, no screws, no pipe cleaners, no special cleaning solvents! The best engineering amongst many pipes we’ve seen. A lot of thought went into the design being just three pieces and its revolutionary Filter Gap Technology takes smoking to a whole new level. Sleek, smooth and particle free smoking experience everytime.

Genius Pipe is slim, sleek, compact and lightweight making traveling and on-the-go less to think about. The really neat point of Genius Pipe, it cools your smoke while traveling between 2,000 dimples making smoking nearly a cough free experience. We see Genius as smart pipe, with its cutting edge design and twist of modernality, having this pipe to toke around with can be interesting.

Six Shooter Pipe is the go to social engagementpiece when hanging out with friends, and if you have a gun enthusiast as a friend, then there goes loads of conversation - get to talking and toking! Its revolver like design differentiates Six Shooter from any other pipe out there. Load each cylinder with different herbs, or have fun Russian roulette style by loading and spinning one bowl at a time! Don’t worry about damaging this pipe because you can’t - the brass cylinder and aluminum construction makes it one of the most durable pipes to smack around.

Talk about the right combination why don’t ya! The Prometheus Pipe brings the best of both worlds by putting a glass pipe inside of a metal shell. How does it set apart from a generic glass pipe you might ask; it just does! See, with a glass pipe you don’t have the protection or filtration as Prometheus delivers! Its self standing bowl and glass stem sit separately between a mesh screen that captures particles and ash from flying in your mouth. Not only does Prometheus deliver a sensational experience, rather it offers a hefty, bi-boy grab that makes it very noticeable in your hand - it’s tough, heavy and stand out from any pipe you’ve ever used.

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