BLING Cleaner | Smoking Accessory Cleaning Products

BLING Cleaner | Smoking Accessory Cleaning Products

Bling is the proud creator of a variety of pipe & bong cleaning products for your smoking accessories. Bling represents a very high-quality product that is not only easy to use but it works great too. With cleaning solutions for glass, metal, ceramic, and plastic surfaces, Bling covers just about everything. While many of the other smoking accessory cleaners are labeled with “420” or “Green” indicating use of herbal products, Bling keeps it classy. Nowhere on the bottle will it mention herb, marijuana, 420, or anything else that might make your mother upset. With a nice bottle of glass cleaner under your sink, nobody will suspect anything except that you are clean!

With Bling, you can choose their instant cleaner that cleans in minutes, their all natural cleaner made from all natural ingredients, and their daily use concentrate that allows you to mix with water for a longer lasting solution. With so many options to clean your smoking accessories, Bling is the trusted go-to cleaner for thousands of Americans. 

So, depending on what your needs are, one cleaning solution may work better for you than another. In just a few minutes, we are going to explain the difference between each of the Bling cleaners and which ones would be best for you. 

G1 – BLING ® Instant Cleaner

The Bling Instant Cleaner is the most popular solution of the Bling product line and for a good reason. The instant cleaner is perfect for all of the most common materials such as Pyrex, glass, metal, and ceramic. 

With Bling, you can take advantage of the exclusive AbrasivActionTMtechnology that eliminates the need for soaking and scrubbing. If you want a cleaner that cleans, deodorizes, and makes your pieces sparkle instantly, the Bling Instant Cleaner is the perfect product for the job. 

This earth friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic cleaner is discreet looking like a normal multipurpose cleaner while working perfect on your bongs or pipes. Grab a 16oz bottle today for just $9.99. 

G2 – BLING® All Natural Cleaner

The Bling All Natural Cleaner is the perfect cleaner for anyone who is environmentally conscious. Made from all-natural ingredients that are biodegradable, earth friendly, and non-toxic, this all natural cleaner combines astonishing cleaning abilities with eco-friendly ingredients. 

The Bling AbrasivAction TM technology plays a huge role in the effectiveness of this all natural cleaner. Never again will you have to scrub or soak your piece for long periods of time. The Bling all natural cleaner works on glass, metal, Pyrex, and ceramic surfaces doing wonders in just minutes. 

For all the environmentally conscious folks out there, do mother earth a favor and start using an all-natural cleaning solution. Bling is discreet, high-quality, and very affordable costing only $11.99 for a 16oz bottle. 

G3 – BLING® Daily Concentrate

Bling Daily Concentrate Cleaner is a smart purchase for the penny pinchers out there. Why waste money on cleaner when you can use that towards your herb? 

With the Bling Daily Concentrate Cleaner, you can enjoy a highly concentrated cleaner that goes a long way by simply adding water. Perfect for glass, metal, or ceramic, you will enjoy 45% more free cleaner with this concentrated solution. 

Created for the daily toker who likes to take care of their smoking accessories, the Daily Concentrate Cleaner by Bling uses AbrasivAction TM technology to eliminate the need for soaking and scrubbing. Simply add the cleaner and enjoy a clean, great smelling, and brand new looking piece in minutes. 

For the most bang for your buck, the G3 – Bling Daily Concentrate is where it’s at. Get your very own 16oz bottle and start taking care of your pieces for just $14.99. 

G4 – BLING® Instant Plastic-Acrylic

The Bling Instant Plastic-Acrylic cleaner is another amazing cleaner that serves a special purpose. If you haven’t noticed, most of the cleaners out there are only designed to handle glass, metal, and ceramic. That’s not the case with the Bling Instant Plastic-Acrylic. 

This cleaner is designed specially to fight against resin, smoke stains, and other dirty particles that have formed on plastic or acrylic surfaces. For tough to clean plastic or acrylic pieces, there is no question that the Bling Instant Plastic-Acrylic is the best and only option. 

Utilizing AbrasivAction TM technology, this cleaner is designed to clean, deodorize, and make your piece sparkle in seconds without even having to soak or scrub. Simply shake, and rinse. Get your Instant Plastic-Acrylic cleaner in a discreet 12oz bottle for just $7.49.

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