BlockHead Glass | Large 8" Frit Gandalf Hand Pipes

BlockHead Glass | Large 8" Frit Gandalf Hand Pipes

Blockhead is the proud creator of some amazing pipes that you are going to learn about today. If you are looking for a glass hand pipe and want to find the best piece available, then Blockhead should definitely be on your list. With so many choices out there, it’s important to do your research before you buy something. I can’t tell you how many stupid pipes I have bought that I ended up growing tired of in months. When you do your research, and find something that fits your style and personality, you will know it’s the one! 

Blockhead Origins

Blockhead’s origins rooted from humble beginnings on a quiet farm in Naples, TX. Before glassblowing was even in the picture, Blockhead knew that in order to be a great farmer, it helped to be a great mechanic, carpenter, engineer, meteorologist, and more. A passion for glass combined with those skills makes for one heck of a pipe maker. 

Blockhead’s hand pipes are thick, heavy, and extremely durable adopting unique shapes that set these pipes apart from traditional pipes. In addition, Blockhead uses an elaborate color variety incorporating 30 different colors of frit in rotation. Here is a quote from the founder: “I rise with the roosters and spend seven days a week behind my torch.” The true dedication and talent that Blockhead has carries over on each and every one of their pipes.

The pipe that we will be talking about today is the Blockhead Large Gandalf.

Blockhead Large Gandalf

The Large Blockhead Gandalf is made from a clear 32mm borosilicate glass consisting of a stylish American color frit that is sure to impress your lungs as well as your friends. The bowl piece of this pipe is block-shaped featuring a cluster of American color bubbles on the right side. The left side features a carb hole for the smoothest air intake imaginable. This American made Gandalf Pipe is hand blown measuring a perfect 8” in length.


The Blockhead Frit Gandalf Glass Pipe comes in 5 unique colors including: red, green, yellow, white, and gold and can be a part of your collection today for just $39.99.


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