Brass Pipes | Best Brass Smoking Hand Pipes

Brass Pipes | Best Brass Smoking Hand Pipes

Are you sick and tired of breaking glass pipes and want to find something that will actually last? Brass Pipes are the perfect solution whether you are looking for something that is indestructible or you just want a cool pipe to show off to your friends. Whatever your reason, there are about 100 reasons to get a brass pipe, and not a single reason not too! Today, we are going to talk about some of the best brass pipes in the world that WickiePipes has to offer. Some of these pipes made with brass include the Punchbowl Disco and Lollipop, Mendo Pipe Original, M.E.T.R.O. Pipe, and the Six Shooter Pipe.

Punchbowl Disco & Lollipop

The screen-less Punchbowl brass hand pipes are the perfect pieces if you are looking for something other than a traditional glass pipe. These pipes are handmade from pure brass in Oahu, Hawaii. Being made from brass, this pipe is virtually indestructible and will last you a lifetime. Also, the lower half of the pipe can easily be opened and cleaned with the Hex Wrench poker included with the pipe. Best of all, there’s no need for a screen! 

The “Disco” Pipe gets its name because the bowl is round and has a dimpled finish that resembles a disco ball. The “Lollipop” Pipe gets its name because the bowl is smooth and round, just like a lollipop. You can order either of these amazing brass pipes today for just $39.99 each. 

Mendo Pipe Original (currently, Proto Pipe Rocket, by Proto Pipe)

The Mendo Pipe Original is a fantastic brass pipe straight out of Mendocino County, California. The Mendo Pipe has a round frame with overall dimensions of 1” H / 1” W / 3” L. One of the things that makes the Mendo Pipe so special is its amazing ability to store herb. Each Mendo Pipe comes fully equipped with a storage container that is fastened directly to the body of this brass pipe. Each container is equipped to hold up to five additional bowls for on the go smoking. 

Other cool things that the Mendo Brass Pipe comes with are a cleaning poker rod, a swivel bowl lid that caches and stores your herb while doubling as a blunt holder. That’s right. You can smoke a blunt out of your pipe with ease thanks to the Mendo Pipes swivel lid design. Get one today for just $98.95

Also see, Proto Pipe Classic

M.E.T.R.O. Pipe

The M.E.T.R.O. Pipe is a compact, lightweight, and tough little brass pipe that expresses old world craftsmanship with its brass finish. M.E.T.R.O. Pipe can easily fit in your pocket, is spill proof, indestructible, and even comes with built in storage for your herb. The swivel mouthpiece doubles as a bowl cover to stuff out burning herbs and save the rest for later. To clean, simply unscrew the bottom 3 Allen screws. Don’t forget, M.E.T.R.O. uses .625” screens and is made entirely in the United States. Get yours today for $49.99. 

Six Shooter Brass Pipe

Six Shooter Smoking Pipe is a very cool and unique pipe that is unlike anything you have ever seen. The Six Shooter is machined from high-quality aircraft grade aluminum, naval brass, and stainless steel. The best part about this piece is that it gives you the option to pack anywhere from 1-6 bowls at a time (just like a revolver). This pipe is perfect for someone who wants to try up to six different strains of herb or happens to be in a large group where everyone has brought their own herb.

The Six Shooter Pipe weighs about 7oz and has measurements of 1.25” in height, 4.75” in length, and 1.5” in diameter. You can grab your Six Shooter Pipe for just $49.99

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