Bukket | Smokeless Gravity Pipe (no water needed)

Bukket | Smokeless Gravity Pipe (no water needed)

Bukket is a revolutionary take on the gravity bong but without the annoying need for water. Picture your typical gravity bong made out of a bottle, 2-liter, or a 5-gallon jug for the adventurous. The Bukket Gravity Pipe is a much better personal version of a gravity bong that does not require any water.

How Does Bukket Work?

The Bukket is a smokeless gravity pipe that intakes hot smoke and delivers clean and cool smoke. This smokeless design is accomplished by using a have base and bellow. After packing your bowl in the Bukket, slowly lift up the top to fill the chamber with smoke. When you are ready to take a fit hit, simply remove the bowl and start to inhale. Unlike a normal gravity bong, you don’t need to arch over and move down as you inhale to force the smoke up. With Bukket, the bottom is lightweight and will lift itself up to you as you inhale.

What’s Bukket Made From?

Bukket is made from molded plastic, offers a brass bowl and .500” stainless steel mesh screen. These materials are extremely lightweight weighing practically nothing with dimensions of 5” H and 3.75” D.

Where Can I use Bukket?

The Bukket is perfect for travel and can be used inside of your home or outdoors. Since it is a smokeless gravity pipe, you can smoke from this piece just about anywhere without worrying about smelly smoke escaping.

How to Clean Bukket?

The Bukket is extremely easy to clean. Simply unscrew the bellow off from the top and bottom base and wash using soap and warm water. 

Colors, Pricing, & More

The Bukket comes with a custom drawstring bag and is available in 4 color combinations: purple/orange, purple/green, blue/orange, and blue/green. Grab a Bukket Gravity Pipe today for just $24.99 each.

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