Click-A-Toke | Pen-Shaped Pipe w/ Built-In Lighter

Click-A-Toke | Pen-Shaped Pipe w/ Built-In Lighter

Click-A-Toke is the very first compact pipe of its kind with a built-in torch lighter. This pipe brings the convenience of an all-in-one pipe in the form of a vape pen shaped design. The Click-A-Toke pipe will never torch your herbs and is great to use in any whether condition since the flame will never blow out. The perfectly even heat distribution is created within to avoid any uneven burning of your herbs. Not only is this piece compact and discreet, it is also extremely light weight so it can fit comfortably in your pocket or hand. 

Built-In Flame

Its adjustable flame gives you the power to determine how you want to heat your herb. The Click-A-Toke lighter is even refillable with standard butane and can be removed from the lighter and used separately to light whatever you desire.

Cleaning Click-A-Toke

When it comes to cleaning the Click-A-Toke, its super easy! Simply unscrew and set aside the lighter portion, the aluminum chamber, bowl and rubber mouthpiece. Then use antibacterial wipes, a pipe cleaner, dish soap and warm water, or simply place it in the dishwasher! The Click-A-Toke is dishwasher safe and easy to clean thanks to its advanced scratch resistant anodized coating.

Grab It Today!

Pick up your Click-A-Toke and enjoy the self-contained protective tube housing that it comes with ensuring safe storage and traveling conditions. The Click-A-Toke comes in 6 amazing colors: black, blue, green, gold, purple, and silver. Get the Click-A-Toke Original for just $39.99 and enjoy smoking like never before!

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