CVault - #1 Humidity Controlled Storage Container

CVault - #1 Humidity Controlled Storage Container

CVault is the creator of a revolutionary new humidity-controlled curing and storage container for your herbs. The mission of CVault was to fix two problems that smokers face. Where should I store my herb, and how can I maintain a fresh and consistent humidity? After extensive research, CVault decided to use stainless steel for their containers material for lightweight, durable, and airtight storage that is also impenetrable to light. To address the humidity problem, CVault began working with Boveda/Humidipak to use their patented 2-way humidity control packet and discover the ideal humidity range of 58% - 64%. All you have to do is add your humidity pack to your CVault storage container and you will always have the freshest herb possible. 

CVault comes with the option to purchase them for either commercial use, or personal use. Their commercial line of containers are much larger and store a higher capacity than the personal ones. Let’s get into the different options that you have with CVault.

Humidity Controlled curing and storage container

Personal CVault

The Personal CVault is a great and practical storage container for just about anybody who smokes herb. How many times have you used a plastic or glass container only to lose it or break it. Do what’s best for yourself and your herb and pick up a CVault. These containers come in four unique sizes: x-small, small, medium, and large. Each container is essentially the same thing except for the size. They all offer 99% airtight ¼ inch silicone seals and a special holder designed to hold your Boveda Humidipak. Made from lightweight and durable stainless steel, this is the most trusted and reliable storage container on the market.   

X-Small CVault  

The X-Small CVault is the smallest container available and offers a newly designed snap-on lid for increased convenience. It’s holding capacity is roughly 4 to 8 grams depending on the density. It is 3.25” x 1” and uses 1 – 8-gram humidity Boveda pack. This X-Small CVault is $16.99.

Small CVault

The Small CVault is capable of holding 7 to 12 grams or .175 liters. It is 3.25” x 1”75” and uses 1 – 8-gram humidity Boveda pack. This Small CVault is just $19.99.

Medium CVault

The Medium CVault is capable of holding 14 to 24 grams or .35 liters. It is 4” x 2.25” and uses 1 – 8-gram humidity Boveda pack. This Medium CVault is only $23.99.

Large CVault

The Large CVault is capable of holding 28 to 50 grams or .70 liters. It is 4.75” x 2.5” and uses 2 – 8-gram humidity Boveda packs. The Large CVault is $29.99.

Commercial CVault

The Commercial CVault containers are for individuals or businesses looking to store large quantities of herb. With larger quantities, there is often longer storage times. The freshness of your herb can become a real concern if it is sitting in a container for some time. The CVault takes care of all your problems by keeping your product as fresh as the day it left the ground. These stainless-steel storage containers come in 2, 4, 8, and 17 liter sizes making them perfect for commercial use. 

4-Liter CVault

The 4-liter CVault Commercial Size Humidity Curing Container is great for someone looking to store roughly ½ pound of herb. Combined with the 62% Humidipak you will create the ultimate environment for your buds. Made from extremely durable, lightweight stainless steel, this system requires no hassle and no maintenance. This 4-Liter CVault is $50.99. 

Mega CVault

The Mega CVault Commercial Curing Container is the massive 17-liter container that stores a whopping 2lbs of herb. If you are looking for the biggest and baddest stainless steel curing container, then the mega CVault is what you need. With its air tight ¼ inch wide silicone seal and specially designed humidity packs holder you can guarantee the freshest product when you need it most. This beauty is about 9.5” tall with a diameter of 12”. Best of all, these containers are stackable and stable so you can save space without having to worry about an accident. The Mega CVault can be yours for just $97.99. 

Humidipak Packs

Himidipak is the world’s first 2-way humidity control system which allows a constant adjustment of climate. Humidipak responds and adjusts to inside and outside temperatures in order to maintain a 62% relative humidity (RH) level.

Each CVault container features a unique holder to place your Boveda Humidipak inside. This Humidity pack guarantees the freshest herb possible and more importantly, a consistent freshness. These packs come in 8 gram and 67 gram options. 

8 Gram Boveda Humidipak

The 8 Gram Boveda Humidipak works for the personal CVault containers: X-small, small, medium, large, and X-large. Grab a 3 pack for just $4.99 and keep your herb as fresh as the first day you got it.

67 Gram Boveda Humidipak

The 67 Gram Boveda Humidipak works for the commercial CVault containers: 3-liter, 4-liter, 8-liter, and the Mega CVault 17-liter. Keep your product fresh with a 3 pack for just $15.99.

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