Cylinder Pipe | Wind Resistant Sherlock Pipes

Cylinder Pipe | Wind Resistant Sherlock Pipes

Cylinder Pipe is the proud creator and inventor of high quality polished Sherlocks that feature multi-purpose smoking with a drilled hollow bowl lid. What makes these pipes so unique is the quality material, windproof functionality, screenless bowl, and expandable chamber for an even cooler smoke. Cylinder Pipe makes a variety of unique and innovative styles including the Original, Cera (a colored version of the Original), Chimny (the king-sized version of the Original), and The Mason (a completely unique half bubbler, half water pipe hybrid pipe). 

Original Cylinder Pipe

The Original Cylinder Pipe brings the world’s first Sherlock pipe designed to smoke with the lid open or closed. Having the ability to choose makes smoking in calm or windy environments a breeze.

The science behind it comes from a hole that is discreetly drilled in the center of the swivel lid. This hole also doubles as a secure storage for seamless carrying without the possibility of spills.

One of the coolest features of the Cylinder Pipes is that they have an innovative elevating-chamber that is hidden with its body. This elevating-chamber can be risen .25” inches to provide a cooler smoking experience. Not to mention it has a screenless bowl.

To provide only the highest quality product, Cylinder Pipe is made in the USA using quality grade stainless steel and contains specially machined fins for quick heat dissipation.

Weighing roughly 4oz. with dimensions of 1.75” H/ 3.5” L/ 1” D, Cylinder Pipe is compact and pocket friendly. To clean this piece, simply unscrew the mouthpiece, remove the tar chamber, and use alcohol, antibacterial wipes, or other metal pipe cleaning liquid formulas.

Each piece includes a black velvet drawstring bag, two stainless steel screens, one silicon O-ring and a lifetime manufacturer warranty. If this sounds like the perfect piece for you, you can find the Cylinder Pipe Original for around $69.99.

Cylinder Pipe - Cera

The Cylinder Pipe Cera is advantageous because of its vast amounts of color options. Just like the Original, Cera is made from the same great materials and offers the same great features. The only difference is the color. If you are looking for a Cylinder Pipe with a little bit of color added flare, the Cera is a perfect choice.

Weighing 4oz with dimensions of 1.75” inches in height, 3.5” inches in length, and 1” inch in diameter, the Cera Cylinder Pipe comes in 7 colors: pink, white, red, orange, green, blue, and black. Each piece comes with a black velvet drawstring bag, two stainless steel screens, one O-ring, and a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Grab the colorful Cera for just $79.99.

Cylinder Pipe – Chimny

Chimny by Cylinder Pipe is the father of all Cylinder Pipes. It has all the same features as the Original except it is taller and longer for bigger hits. The drilled hollow bowl lid allows you to smoke your favorite herbs with the lid on or off. Windy outside? That’s not a problem with the Chimny Cylinder Pipe.

Made to last a lifetime, the Cylinder Pipe Chimny is produced using polished heavy 6061 stainless steel which is virtually indestructible and extremely easy to clean with complete removable parts made in the USA.

Complete with a velvet drawstring bag, two stainless steel screens, and one O-ring, this Sherlock pipe measures 2” inches in height, 5.75” inches in length, and 1” in diameter. If you are someone who likes to have the biggest and the best, the Chimny Cylinder Pipe is the top of the line Sherlock for just $89.99.  

The Mason Cylinder Pipe

The Mason Cylinder Water Pipe is very unique from the others. This piece is the only one of the four that has glass parts and it is the only one that allows for water.

This half bubbler half water pipe combines a glass mason jar and the necessary components to deliver a smooth smoking experience right from a jar.

The body is made primarily of anodized aluminum in conjunction with removable stainless-steel mouthpiece, bowl, downstem, and custom cleaning poker. The Mason by Cylinder Pipe features a 5-hole diffused downstem that provides equal percolation increasing filtration and taste.

Due to the jars large reservoir opening, you can fill it up to the first line with water and fill it the rest of the way with crushed ice for one of the smoothest and coolest smoking experiences imaginable.

Find The Mason Water Pipe in 3 colors: black, silver, and red. Each unique color that you select includes a custom made, “The Mason” koozie that fits perfectly around your pipe for additional style and protection. Grab this revolutionary smoking device that is guaranteed to wow your friends for $119.99.

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