Down Neck Glass | Hand-Designed & Hand-Blown Pipes

Down Neck Glass | Hand-Designed & Hand-Blown Pipes

Down Neck Glass is a new glass brand that is guaranteed to be the most unique glass you have ever seen. With cutting edge style and functionality in everything that they create, Down Neck Glass is a very promising company. Ryan Higgins is the glassblower and brainchild responsible for these uniquely hand-blown pieces. What’s great about the Down Neck Glass pipes is that they feature creatures with long flowing tendrils and eyeballs. Every Down Neck Glass pipe incorporates beautiful custom mixed colors hand-designed with passion straight out of Higgins’ studio in Newark, New Jersey. Down Neck Glass pipes are some of our favorite pipes here at WickiePipes, and each one is more awesome than the last.

Schoolgirl Glass Pipes

The Schoolgirl Pipes by Down Neck Glass are unique looking pipes that essentially look like a schoolgirl cyclops alien. It has a long-necked mouthpiece featuring a single cyclops eyeball at the tip. Near the center, it has two breast-like objects with nipples that act as added grip to this artfully crafted glass. If you had to compare this to a common object, it most closely resembles a warped bowling pin. Since this piece is hand blown, sizes and shapes may vary slightly but you can expect something around 4.75” H and 2.5” W. The Schoolgirl Down Neck Glass Pipe comes in two colors: blue and orange for just $189.99 each. 

Dude Glass Pipes

The Dude Glass Pipes by Down Neck Glass are unique looking pipes that pretty much look like a dude version of the schoolgirl pipe. The bottom half of the pipe features two feed and a wide waist that looks like someone shaking their booty. The upper half has a cyclops eyeball next to the mouthpiece and two arms coming off the body in a funky dancing pose. It’s undeniable, this dude looks like he is having a good time and wants you to join in the fun. Since this piece is hand blown, sizes and shapes may vary slightly but you can expect it to be around 6.75” H and 2.5” W. The Dude down Neck Glass Pipe comes in two colors: blue and orange for only $279.99 each.

Siamese Twins Illegal Alien Glass Pipe

The Down Neck Siamese Twins is by far one of the coolest and most unique pipes around. These little alien Siamese twins consist of two warped alien arms, two feet, and two heads. One of the heads is for packing your herb and consists of three eye balls and horns. The other alien head has two eyeballs and that is your mouthpiece. Have you ever smoked out of Siamese twins alien heads? I didn’t think so. Since this product is hand blown, the sizes and shapes may vary slightly from the traditional size of 4.5” H and 5.25” W. Grab your Dude Neck Alien Twin Glass Pipe today for $299.99.

Sprinkles Jr. Glass Pipes

The Sprinkles Jr. Glass Pipe is one of those pipes that you look at and just have to have. This pipe would wow your friends and is so awesome you might not even want to smoke out of it. Whether you use it for smoking, or as a great decoration around the house, the Sprinkles Jr. is a steal. The Sprinkles Jr by Down Neck Glass is a little mini alien cyclops with one eye and two different colored baby bumps (horns) on his head. He is holding both his arms out as if to give you a big alien hug full of love and good vibes. This piece is 4.25” in height and 5.5” in width although its actual size might vary slightly since it is hand blown. Sprinkles Jr. comes in blue or orange options and can be added to your collection for just $299.99. 

Buzz-Cakes Glass Pipe

It’s fair to assume that Buzz-Cakes gets its name from the cakes that it has on its backside. That’s right. This piece made by Down Neck has a bootie that sticks out while the rest of the body is arched forward. Guess where you pack your bowl? That’s right… the bootie! What makes this piece so unique compared to the rest is that it has some awesome spiral stripes that go up the pipe from the base all the way to the neck. It is also taller than most. With dimensions of 7.5” in height and 5” in width, this pipe is sure to pack a punch. The top of this piece is the head of the alien which features a cyclops eyeball and two adult black horns. This is also where the mouthpiece is. Check out the Buzz-Cakes by Down Neck glass pipe right now and add it to your collection for $299.99.  

Milk Maid Glass Pipe

The Milk Maid Glass Pipe by Down Neck is interesting to say the least. This piece incorporates a lot of great colors including the red feet, blue body, orange arms, and white and black eyeball. The feet and body are pretty standard compared to other Down Neck pipes but there is one thing that stands out. Are you wondering why she is called the milk maid? Well, she has about 5 breasts with nipples hanging out all around the front and back body of the pipe. So, if you were shopping online looking for a 5-breasted pipe, then the Milk Maid by Down Neck is perfect for you! With a height of 7” and width of 4.25” this piece is perfect for smoking or decoration and is only $399.99.

The Oracle Glass Pipe

The Oracle Glass Pipe by Down Neck is a one of a kind piece that pretty much blows your mind. This little alien has dimensions of 7.75” in height and 4” in width. It has pretty standard legs and body but what makes it so unique is that the center going all the way up to the mouthpiece is bent in a circular motion with 6 eyeballs sticking out in every direction. These eyeballs are where the arms on a person would normally be, if a person had three sets of arms going up their body. At the very top is the mouthpiece. Grab this collector’s item today for $429.99 and start growing your collection.

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