Dugout Systems | One Hitter Pipes & Taster Boxes

Dugout Systems | One Hitter Pipes & Taster Boxes

A Dugout Pipe aka Taster Boxes or Smoke Stoppers consist of a one hitter and a box (made from wood, aluminum, or acrylic) with two holes. The first hole is for your one hitter pipe to be stored while the second hole is for you to store your ground up herb. The Dugout Pipe is perfect because everything you need is in one place. It is usually longer than a pack of cigarettes but much thinner. It conveniently fits in your pocket for on-the-go smoking. All you have to do is remove your one-hitter system from the dugout and push the bowl side down into the hole with your herb. Pull out your one-hitter and be amazed when you see a perfectly packed bowl. In this article, you will learn about a huge selection of wonderfully decorated dugout systems. 

Dugout Systems

RYOT Super Taster Box – Aluminum

The RYOT Aluminum Taster Box is made from solid anodized aluminum and is the perfect dugout for all your on-the-go smoking needs. RYOT offers a bottle opener, magnetic lid, herb storage, and a one-hitter slot & built in poker tool rod. This piece comes in three unique colors: black, gunmetal gray, and silver.

  • It weighs about 6.2oz with dimensions of 4” H / 2” L/ .65” W and can be yours for just $39.50.

RYOT Taster Box – Acrylic

The RYOT Acrylic Taster Box is made from solid acrylic machined to perfection making it one of the best acrylic dugouts available. This piece features a magnetic lid, herb storage, a one-hitter slot, & built in poker cleaning rod. This piece comes in seven unique colors: clear, black/white, red/black, green/black, blue/black, yellow/black & purple/black.

  • The large size weighs about 2.8oz with dimensions of 4” H/ 2” L/ .65” W and can be yours for just $30.00.
  • The small size weighs 2.2oz with dimensions of 3” H/ 2” L/ .65” W and is just $29.00. 

Ryot Taster Box – Wood

The RYOT Wood Taster Box is made from solid wood machined to perfection making it one of the most popular wood dugouts in the world. This piece offers a magnetic lid, tobacco storage, a one-hitter slot, and a built-in poker cleaning rod. This piece comes in 5 unique colors: rosewood, walnut, bamboo, maple, and black. 

  • The large size weighs about 1.6oz with dimensions of 4” H/ 2” L/ .65” W and is sold for $25.00. 
  • The small size weighs 1.4oz with dimensions of 3” H/ 2” L/ .65” W and is sold for $24.00.

Bearded Dugout – Wood

The Bearded Dugout brings dugout lovers a dude design that’s tough, feels rough in your hand and features a lightweight wood design. The Bearded dugouts are easy to use and come complete with a glass one-hitter for a cleaner, tastier smoke. Made entirely in the USA, choose Bearded dugouts in small or large with 5 wood choices: walnut, rosewood, African mahogany, aerobic cedar, and bubinga. 

  • The large size weighs 1.30oz with dimensions of 4” H/ 1.5” L/ .75” W and is $19.99. 
  • The small size weighs 1.20oz with dimensions of 3” H/ 1.5” L/ .75” W and is $17.99.

    Smokit Dugout Smoking System

    Smokit dugout smoking system presents an incredibly compact all-in-one dugout smoking system. Smokit comes with a one-hitter serrated tip pipe bat, poker/dabber tool, V-Syndicate grinder card, a silicone container, and a storage unit. This is everything you could ever need for smoking on-the-go. This dugout gives you the ability to easily carry both flower and concentrates, as well as have a tool for any situation that comes up. The case is smell-resistant and has a nice rubberized matte finish which makes gripping it very comfortable. If it wasn’t already good enough, Smokit comes complete in a concealed carry case. 

    • The Smokit dugout weighs 2 oz with dimensions of .5” H/ 2.5” L/ 1.5” W and is only $24.99.

    Lighter Pick

    The Lighter Pick Dugout System is the perfect all-in-one dugout smoking system for any occasion. The outer layer of the Lighter Pick consists of a waterproof dugout designed to keep your stash dry. Best of all, it fits ¼ ounce of your favorite herb so you never have to worry about running out. Now you can have your mini-bic lighter, store your herb, a 2” retractable pick, and a one-hitter stored safely all in one place. Did I mention that this new design is completely odor proof to make sure your Lighter Pick is discreet looking and smelling.

    • The Lighter Pick weighs 4oz with dimensions of 3.5” H/ 2.” L/ .75” W and is only $20.99 

    ALLIN11E Dugout Smoking System

    The ALLIN1E dugout smoking system features a slick design with insane durability, convenience, and discreteness. Allin1E features a strong aluminum body that secures its built in smoking accessory system. Also, this piece is waterproof, odor proof, and can withstand the harshest conditions. This dugout can be transformed into an herb grinder, a storage container for herb, and also stores your ceramic pipe bat, poker, and lighter all conveniently in the Allin1E.

    • The Allin1E dugout system has dimensions of 2.25” D/ and 4.25” H and is only $49.99. 

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