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Erbanna | Odor-Loc Case, Bags, & Backpacks for Herb

Erbanna | Odor-Loc Case, Bags, & Backpacks for Herb

Erbanna pipe cases include a variety of stylish products made specifically for women. Before we dive into each unique product Erbanna offers, let’s talk a little bit more about the company, and how it began.

Erbanna was born out of a necessity to serve women with fashionable and odor-controlled pipe cases. Anna Shuch, founder of Erbanna was tired of carrying around her smoking accessories that left a smell in her purse. So, she embarked on a journey to create a case designed specifically for women. Anna decided to partner with her longtime friend Jerome Miller to aid in the design and creation of these cases. What they came up with was called Erbanna. Erbanna has integrated proprietary Odor-Loc Technology in each and every product to give women peace of mind knowing that their bag won’t stink up the room. 

The Erbanna line includes the Rae Pocket Case, Chrissy Travel Bag, Jenny Mini Bag, Mindy Case, Kimberly Clutch, and the Kate Backpack.

Rae Pocket Case

Say hello to the Rae pocket case by Erbanna. Rae is a sleek and compact case that is perfect for dedicated smoking accessories such as small glass pipes, vapes, tools, dugouts, lighters, and herb storage. Designed with Odor-Loc technology and a smell proof zipper, Rae is able to go with you just about anywhere inside of your pocket, purse, or bag. Find Rae in four stylish colors including: Cracked French Leather, Black Weave Italian Woven Leather, Brown Weave Italian Woven Leather, and Abstract Floral non-leather.

The Rae pocket case weighs about 8 oz. with measurements of 3” H / 7.5” L / 2” W. You can get your Rae pipe case today starting at just $40.00. 

Chrissy Travel Bag

Introducing the roomy, curvy, and stylish Chrissy by Erbanna travel bag. Chrissy is a great case to show off because it looks fashionably flashy, feels great in your hands, and is protected with Erbanna Odor-Loc technology. Chrissy is great for carrying pipes, grinders, dugouts, vapes, and other smoking tools. Even better, the Chrissy offers two additional odor controlled interior zipper pockets to store your herb, pre-rolls, and lighters. Carry Chrissy in your hand or simply drop it inside your bag. The fashionable Chrissy comes in four styles: Stingray leather, Stripe fabric, Corco non-leather, and Snake non-leather.

The Chrissy travel bag weighs around 8 oz. with dimensions of 3.25” H / 8” L / 2” W. Pick up your Chrissy pipe bag today starting at $40.00.

Jenny Mini Bag

Jenny mini bags by Erbanna are great for on the go women that desire to keep personal smoking accessories safe, inaccessible by little hands, and organized. The famous Odor-Loc technology coupled with a specially designed smell proof outer zipper makes Jenny a great bag for women. Additional features include an extra thick inside padding for securely storing glass pipes and a wristlet for comfortable and safe traveling. Choose your Jenny Mini Bag in four styles: Comic French leather, Crackle leather, RL Blue non-leather, and RL Red non-leather. 

The Jenny mini bag weighs around 8 oz. with measurements of 3.5” H / 6” L / 2.25” W. Don’t worry, the Jenny pipe bag and all of its awesome features can be yours for as little as $50.00 and as high as $60.00.

Mindy Case 

Mindy by Erbanna allows you to get extra organized with a ton of room to store your smoking necessities. Fully equipped with proprietary Odor-Loc technology and a smell proof outside zipper, the Mindy is safe to carry pipes, grinders, vapes, and herb without being noticed. Eliminate stinky odors and carry all your smoking goodies while sporting a stylish bag that will impress everyone around. The Mindy case comes in five styles: Andes fabric, Comic Sans Italian leather, Metallic Italian leather, Distressed French leather, and Queen Faux Snake.

The Mindy case weighs roughly 8 oz. with dimensions of 4 5/8” H / 8” L / 2 7/8” W. Grab your Mindy by Erbanna pipe case for as little as $50.00.

Kimberly Clutch

The versatile Erbanna Kimberly with wristlet can be used as a clutch or a case, the choice is yours. Enjoy the sophisticated look and convenience of Kimberly with the advanced Odor-Loc technology that keeps your herb smell inside your bag. Kimberly is a great size being able to fit pipes, dugouts, grinders, vapes, while still having room for your phone, wallet, and other small items. It even offers credit card slots and areas to store your cash. Kimberly clutch comes in five unique styles: Stripe fabric, Pink lamb leather, BL leather, Metallic leather, and Queen snake non-leather. 

Kimberly clutch weighs about 8 oz. with dimensions of 5” H / 9.5” L / 3 3/8” W. Pick up a Kimberly clutch today for just $60.00 to $75.00 depending on the material.

Kate Backpack 

The Kate Backpack is a very special mid-sized backpack designed by Erbanna. Kate backpack has two separate sections that both serve a vital purpose. The upper portion can hold your iPad, notepad, books, and other important items that you would store in a backpack. The padded bottom section is perfect for holding your smoking accessories including pipes, lighters, herb, and other smoking tools. Of course, just like all the Erbanna products, the Kate backpack comes standard with smell proof Odor-Loc technology. Take Kate wherever you go including school, road trips, picnics, and parties. Kate comes in two styles: L.A. leather and Snake non-leather. 

The Kate Backpack weighs roughly 1 lb. 8 oz. and has dimensions of 11” H / 9” L and 4.5” W. Find the perfect Kate backpack ranging from $80.00 - $120.00.

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