Evolution Hookah | Luxury Glass on Glass Hookah

Evolution Hookah | Luxury Glass on Glass Hookah

Are you looking for some of the coolest Hookah pieces ever created? Evolution Hookah is hands down the best luxury glass hookah brand in the market. Evolution Hookah aka Evo Hookah offers a huge variety of different hookah styles ranging from wide gage removable downstems to hookahs with built in downstems. Each of the Evolution Hookah products are made using very high quality glass that is anywhere from 5mm to 7mm thick. Not only are they extremely thick and durable but for the most part they are hand blown. Each Evo glass on glass hookah includes a glass bowl, hose, shisha tray, and some come with a glass chimney. Quit using metal or foil on your hookah. Always have the cleanest smoking experience possible with the all glass Evolution Hookahs.

In this article, we will talk about the features and pricing behind 12 of the best Evolution Hookah products in the world. These products include the Evolution Hookah Vaso, Ananas, Bomba, Genie, Piccino, Mush, Bella, Classico, Originale, Elegant, Esca, and Mostro.

Evolution Hookah - Vaso 

The Evolution Hookah Vaso is an all-glass hookah that stands approximately 15” tall and is 6” in diameter. This luxury hookah offers a true hookah smoking experience by giving off the sound of bubbles as you inhale. Vaso is equipped with the original Evolution 7mm bowl, removable 18mm downstem, stopper, and its signature fire resistant black silicone tube glass hose. Grab your Evolution Hookah Vaso today for just $199.99.

Evolution Hookah - Ananas

The Evolution Hookah Ananas is inspired by the sweet pineapple in an all-glass form. The affixed downstem contains multiple slits that act as percolation to break down smoke adding an extra touch of smoothness to your smoke. It stands approximately 18” tall and 5.5” in diameter. Ananas is equipped with the original Evolution 7mm Bowl, Charcoal Tray, Stopper, and of course the signature fire resistant black silicone hose. Find the Evolution Ananas retailing for $269.99. 

Evolution Hookah - Bomba

The Evolution Bomba gets its name because it is shaped like a round bomb. Standing 14.5” tall and 8” diameter bowl, the Bomba looks like a mini smoke cylinder which you can easily carry wherever your heart desires. The removable downstem offers great percolation and a smooth hit every time. Bomba is equipped with the original Evolution 7mm bowl, 18mm downstem, stopper, and a signature fire resistant glass hose. Pick up a Bomba hookah for $269.99 and enjoy super thick smoke with your friends whenever you want.

Evolution Hookah - Genie 

The Evolution Hookah Genie brings back some awesome memories of the movie Aladdin. This piece is designed to look exactly like the Aladdin’s genie lamp in the form of a hookah. Designed with a short, yet effective showerhead percolator, you can sit back and relax knowing that this pipe is going to hit better then you could ever wish for.  The Genie is made up of an 8” base diameter and 16.5” height. It is designed with a 7mm bowl, evolution charcoal tray, stopper, and taste free fire resistance hose with glass handle and connector. Make all your hookah dreams come true with the Evolution Genie for just $269.99.  

Evolution Hookah - Piccino

The Evolution Hookah Piccino features a sleek and curvy design that enhances the perfection of any room it sits in. The splendid presentation and craftsmanship of the Piccino hookah is depicted from its crystal-clear glass design. With a 7” diameter base, 18” tall glass body, and 7mm bowl, the Evolution Piccino is a true piece of art costing only $269.99.

Evolution Hookah - Mush

Evolution Hookah Mush is one of Evo’s modern hookah designs standing 17.5” tall with a 6” in diameter base. If I had to describe the design of this hookah, I would probably say that it looks kind of like an alien’s head from the movie Toy Story. When you fill it with smoke, it gives off an amazing look resembling a mini atomic bomb. Grab the Evo Hookah Mush for just $269.99.

Evolution Hookah - Bella 

The Evolution Bella depicts great style and design making it a great piece to show off to your friends. Affixed with a unique showerhead downstem, this design is bound to curve your taste buds too. It stands approximately 16” tall and 7” in diameter. Bella hookah is equipped with the original Evolution hookah 7mm bowl, stopper, and its signature fire resistance black silicone tube glass hose. Bella can be yours today for just $269.99.

Evolution Hookah - Classico 

The Evolution Classico is just like its name implies, a classic. It’s elegant and hand blown design features double thick glass, a glass charcoal tray, glass bowl, glass downstem, glass stopper, glass mouth tip, and a taste free fire resistant hose. Standing 20” in height and 6.5” in diameter, the Classico is a true party starter. Get the party started with the Evolution Classico for just $269.99.

Evolution Hookah – Originale

The Originale Hookah by Evolution brings a classy design that is true to its name. Just like the original hookahs from the Arabian times, the Originale hookah comes in a transparent strong glass body that is 25” in height and 7” in diameter with a 7mm bowl and fire resistant hose. You are going to love the affixed wide showerhead percolator downstem that comes with this piece. Pick up your Evolution Hookah Originale for only $299.99. 

Evolution Hookah - Elegente

Evolution Elegente is named after its pure elegance and its attractive curvy stance that is perfectly paired with a showerhead downstem that helps cool down hot smoke. The tall and trendy design of Elegente is designed to add spark to your parties or get togethers. This hookah piece is 24.5” tall, 8” diameter, has a 7mm bowl, and it won’t set you back too much costing only $349.99.

Evolution Hookah - Esca

Evolution Hookah Esca is designed to help you escape to a clear state of mind. The curvy design resembles Egyptian architecture with a height of 23” tall and a base of 8” in diameter. The showerhead downstem will help filter your smoke and add to the freshness of the already amazing glass on glass experience that Evo provides. Pick up Esca for just $349.99, you will be happy you did!

Evolution Hookah – Mostro

The Evolution Mostro is a stout and compact top of the line design that makes this piece sturdier and hit like a champ. The highly effective straight affixed cross-inline downstem bubbles up for perfect diffusion during percolation. The height of Mostro is only 10.5” tall and 9” in diameter. It comes with a 7mm bowl, charcoal tray, stopper, and taste free hose. Bring home this hookah monster and know that you have the very best for just $374.99.

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