Formula 420 | Smoking Accessory Cleaning Products

Formula 420 | Smoking Accessory Cleaning Products

Formula 420 is the proud creator of a variety of pipe & bong cleaning products for your smoking accessories. Formula 420 represents a very high-quality product that is not only easy to use but it works great too. With an impressive 20 years in the industry, Formula 420 Products remain at the forefront of innovation. As they grow, Formula 420 is constantly coming up with new cleaners to reach a larger audience. Products like the original 420 cleaner, All Natural Cleaner, Daily Use Cleaner, Plastic/Pcrylic Cleaner, and the Soak - N - Rinse Cleaner, and the soak n rinse cleaner make Formula 420 the best in the industry. 

What do you use right now to clean your hand pipe, water pipe, or other smoking device? Do you use hot water? Soap? Rubbing Alcohol? If you are…Stop! There is a much easier, safer, and friendlier solution that will not only save you time but will do a better job.

Now, depending on what your needs are, there are different products that would be best for different people. So, pay close attention. Today, we are going to talk about the seven different Formula 420 products so that you can figure out which one is right for you.

Formula 420 - Original Cleaner

The Formula 420 Original Cleaner is the most popular solution sold and is rated #1 by consumers. That’s because it has the most diverse background and works with all of the most common materials.

The Original Formula 420 is synthesized to work on Pyrex, Glass, Metal, and Ceramic. Famous for its ability to clean your smoking pipes in only 1-minute, the Original formula 420 is also known as the “1-minute cleaner”.

You might be wondering, “how can you clean a piece this quick?” It’s simple. With the exclusive Formula 420 AbrasivAction™ technology, this cleaner eliminates the need for soaking and scrubbing. Simply shake, rinse, and enjoy your brand-new looking, fresh scented pipe.

This cleaner comes in a 12oz bottle for $9.99 and surprisingly gets a pretty solid amount of uses for each bottle.

Formula 420 - Plastic Acrylic

The Formula 420 Plastic Acrylic Cleaner is the perfect solution if you are only looking to clean plastic or acrylic products. With its exclusive AbrasivAction technology, simply shake, rinse, and enjoy your freshly scented, clean pipe.

Plastic and acrylic products can be a pain to clean because of their soft surfaces that are much more likely to absorb sticky odors than glass. The Formula 420 Plastic Acrylic cleaner is the perfect solution. In just 1-minute, you can enjoy a fresh and clean piece without the mess.

The Plastic Acrylic 420 cleaner comes in a 12oz bottle that is great for a ton of cleaning sessions. Grab yours today for only $7.49.

Formula 420 - Daily Use Concentrate

The Daily Use Concentrate Cleaner by Formula 420 is the perfect product for anyone who likes to keep their pipes clean all the time. If you are a daily smoker and prefer to keep your pipes clean after each use, this is what you need.

The Daily Use 420 cleaner works great on glass, metal, Pyrex, and ceramic surfaces. The reason this particular bottle is so great is because it is highly concentrated. Combine a bit of the cleaner with some water, and you have a quality cleaner in seconds.

For a 420 cleaner that cleans and deodorizes in seconds, Formula 420 is a non-toxic, hassle free, and easy to use solution. Pick up a concentrated Daily Use cleaner in a 16oz bottle for just $14.99 and experience the fresh taste of herb like never before.

Formula 420 - All Natural

The 420 All Natural Cleaner by Formula 420 is the perfect solution for all you eco-conscious smokers. It’s great to care about the environment, and it is even better to take care of your smoking products. With the All Natural 420 cleaner, you can do both in under a minute!

This All Natural, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner works great on glass, metal, Pyrex, and ceramic surfaces making it extremely universal while remaining eco-friendly.

The 420 All Natural smoking pipe cleaner works great to remove resin and other build up all in under a minute. Grab a 16oz bottle for $11.99 and give it a try, your pipes will thank you.

Formula 420 - Soak - N - Rinse

The Formula 420 Soak – N – Rinse cleaner is specifically designed for small items that get dirty in those hard to clean spots. The Soak N Rinse solution is different from the rest because instead of a quick 60-second clean, this works best when you soak it for a little while.

The Soak N Rinse exclusive No-ScrubAction™ cleaning Technology eliminates the need for shaking or scrubbing. Simply soak your small piece, walk away for as long as you want, and rinse off the formula.

Perfect on glass, Pyrex, metal, and ceramic, the 420 Soak – N – Rinse is a hassle free, easy to use, non-toxic, and biodegradable product that cleans and deodorizes your smoking accessories in minutes.

Grab yourself a long lasting 16oz bottle of Soak N Rinse Formula 420 for $12.99 and give your pipes the cleaning of a lifetime.

Formula 420 - Smog Out

Smog-Out from Formula 420 Products works instantly to eliminate smoke and possible harmful particles leaving the air with a fresh and clean scent. Those who are concerned about aerosol sprays damaging the environment can be rest-assured this product is climate friendly.

For those who maintain a busy lifestyle and enjoy their herb on the go, Smog-Out is perfect. It instantly cleans the air to prevent smoke from staining or creating unwanted smells in clothing and hair. Smog-Out is made with natural ingredients which means there will be no unsafe toxic or chemical smells found in other ineffective odor eliminators. Smog-Out is also perfect for neutralizing smoke in homes, cars, and closed-in spaces without ventilation.

Smog-Out eliminates residual smoke, and that gives you the freedom to start enjoying worry-free recreational herb, again. Grab a 4oz bottle allowing over 700 sprays for just $9.99.

Formula 420 - Spill Clean Spray

What!? You spilt your bong water all over your carpet and your house smells like herb? Or, you dropped some sticky wax on your couch. Uh oh! What do you do? Don’t worry about it… Grab some Formula 420 Spill Clean Spray and all your worries are out the window.

The 420 Spill Clean spray is simple. It cleans, deodorizes, and removes stains in just 20-minutes using a citrus fresh scent and instant cleaning power. Just spray a couple sprays on the area that is affected, and wipe it clean 20-minutes later with a damp towel.

An entire 16oz bottle of this life saving formula is only $13.99 and will last you a ton of uses. Whether you like to smoke in the house, office, car, or dorm room, it’s best to play it safe and grab a bottle of this formula before something unfortunate happens.

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