Freezable Pipes | Hemp Star & Three Monkey Designs

Freezable Pipes | Hemp Star & Three Monkey Designs

Did you know there are glass pipes made specially with the ability to freeze for a cool and refreshing hit? Most glass pipes are not safe to put in the freezer and result in a warm and harsh hit. That doesn’t happen with freezable glass pipes.  Some of the best freezable pipes are the Hemp Star Elevator Ice Spoon Pipe and Three Monkey Designs Glycerin Spoon Pipe.

In this article, we are going to share with you a little bit of information about the creators of these pipes and what makes freezable pipes so special.

Hemp Star Brand

Hemp Star is the proud creator of some of the world’s best freezable pipes. Having been in the natural hemp industry since 1991, Hemp Star prides themselves on the quality of products that they make locally in California. Hemp Star is responsible for making clothes, twine, and various other accessories, but most importantly, they are famous for their line of freezable liquid hand pipes called Elevator Ice.

Hemp Star Freezable Pipe

The Elevator Ice Spoon Pipe by Hemp Star is a durable freezable pipe filled with liquid glycerin. Elevator Ice is a freezable glitter pipe because it comes prefilled with glitter, hemp seeds, or sparkling stars depending on the style that you choose. With the Elevator Ice spoon pipe, you can shake the pipe to change its color and create a slow-motion flow effect, or simply put it in the freezer for ice cold hits.

The Hemp Star freezable glitter pipe has a hefty bowl that can be packed small for solo use or party sized when you are in a group. It also features a direct injection front carb for optimal air flow. Be careful, when this freezable pipe is ice cold, you won’t realize how big of a hit you are taking! Unlike other glass pipes, the Elevator Ice Pipe uses fire-shut thick glass tubing that is guaranteed never to leak. Made in the USA from clear cane borosilicate glass, the Hemp Star freezable glitter pipe is a force to be reckoned with. 

Weighing just 8oz with measurements of 1.5” H / 5” L / 1.75” W this spoon pipe comes in nine unique designs: red, blue, green, orange, purple, pink, prizm, hemp seed, and Hollywood. Each of the colors listed above indicate the colors of the glitter pipes. The Hemp Seeds model has actual hemp seeds inside of the freezable pipe instead of glitter. The Hollywood has little stars instead of glitter. Each one of these freezable pipes can be yours today for just $59.99. 

Three Monkey Designs Brand

Three Monkey Designs has decades of industry experience that allows them to craft some of the best flame blown glass pipes. Specializing in freezable pipes, Three Monkey Designs uses a unique blending technique to create their pipes. Their UV light reactive glass pipes are sure to impress a crowd with their colorful glow. If you want a freezable pipe that is hand blown right in California using borosilicate glass, Three Monkey Designs is a great option.

Three Monkey Designs Freezable Pipe

The Glycerin Spoon Pipe by Three Monkey Designs is a lightweight and portable freezable pipe with a front carb that offers optimal air flow for the smoothest hit possible. Simply pop your freezable spoon pipe into the freezer and light up with a cold hit that minimizes harsh smoke.

Unlike a traditional glass pipe, the Three Monkey Designs freezable pipe uses a fire closed thick glass tubing to prevent the possibility of a leak ever occurring. Another great benefit of this freezable pipe is the it comes standard with a little peg stand to keep your pipe balanced on any table without your herb falling out. 

Weighing just 5oz with measurements of 1.5” H / 5.5” L / 1.5” W this spoon pipe comes in two unique designs: yellow and clear. Both the yellow and clear model provide the same great functionality with a low-price tag anyone can afford. Grab your Three Monkey Designs freezable pipe today for $59.99.

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