Gandalf Glass Pipes: Cool & Powerful Glass Pipes

Gandalf Glass Pipes: Cool & Powerful Glass Pipes

If you are looking for a unique pipe to add to your collection, there is nothing cooler than a Gandalf Pipe. The Gandalf Pipe is not your traditional glass pipe. Have you seen Lord of the Rings? Do you remember that awesome long pipe that Gandalf used to puff on? These are the upgraded, modern day version of that pipe. I am not saying that by smoking from the Gandalf pipe you will become a wizard, but I am also not saying you won't. 

One thing is certain, the unique shape and length of the Gandalf Pipes support a much cooler, cleaner, and condensed smoke. In this article, we are going to break down the entire Gandalf selection: Starfish Designs Original Glass Gandalf, Twisty Glass Gandalf Pipe, Starts & Stripes Gandalf, Nightwatchman and Chameleon Glass Woody Glass Gandalf Pipe.

Gandalf Pipe Original

The original Gandalf Pipe made by Starfish Designs offers a variety of customizable shapes and colors. This silver fumed borosilicate glass pipes shape and length support a much cooler, cleaner and condensed smoke. It takes the smoke a longer period of time to travel through long glass, which acts as a cooling barrier. The original Gandalf Pipe made in the USA is available in 3”, 7”, 12”, 16” and of course the massive 22” King Gandalf glass pipe. Each of the different sizes can be found in five different colors: black, blue, green, white, and aqua. The prices for each pipe are listed below.

3” Gandalf Pipe = $9.99
7” Gandalf Pipe = $26.99
12” Gandalf Pipe = $34.99
16” Gandalf Pipe = $41.99
22” Gandalf Pipe = $79.99

Starfish Designs - Nightwatchman

The Nightwatchman by Starfish Designs brings a glass pipe unlike any other. This pipe has a super cool arch shape that slopes down like a mountain keeping the bowl out of your eye line. The Nightwatchman glass pipe is blown with solid cane and borosilicate glass. Its unique shape and length support a much cooler, cleaner and condensed smoke. Weighing just 6 ounces and being 12 inches in length, the Nightwatchman comes in a variety of unique colors: black, blue, green, white, pink, and aqua.

Chameleon Glass - Woody Gandalf Pipe

The Woody Gandalf Pipe made by Chameleon Glass is a one of a kind 9-inch smoking pipe. Handcrafted with a rich, grainy wood appearance and frosted rugged feel, Woody delivers the fresh taste provided by glass pipes. The carb hole allows you to control the airflow for an optimal hit, while the long stem cools smoke down to minimize harshness. This smoking pipe also comes with a roll stopper stand which provides stability and prevents spillage of your herb.
Made here in the USA, the Woody Gandalf Pipe by Chameleon Glass weighs just 3oz, is 1.5” in height, 9” in length, and 1.75” in width. You can pick up your new glass pipe for $89.99.

No matter which one you choose, it’s hard to go wrong. All the Gandalf Pipes are super cool and unique. With their long stem designs, these glass pipes are sure to wow anyone that you show it off to. Also, from what we have been told, they hit like champions.

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