Genius Pipe Review: Waterless Filtration Technology

Genius Pipe Review: Waterless Filtration Technology

In this article, we are going to break down the Genius Pipe and all its amazing features. But first, you should know what went into the making of this high-tech metal hand pipe. Genius Pipe is the brainchild behind 20 years of intensive research by a Ukrainian scientist in the field of fluid dynamics. The goal of his research was to discover the most efficient way to cool things without the use of water. As a result, we have the Genius Pipe. 

The Genius Pipe is a revolutionary hand pipe made right here in the United States. It filters out 95% of all tar and resin so that smoke comes out super smooth and clean. Plus, using waterless filtration technology, Genius Pipe cools down and filters smoke, letting you experience the original flavor of each strain. Now, let’s go into a little bit more detail about Genius Pipe features and how they work.

Cold Smoke & More Flavor

Did you know that every time you smoke out of your bong or bubbler some of the flavor of your herb gets lost in the water? But if you don’t use the water, you are going to have a warm and harsh hit. Unfortunately, you have to sacrifice flavor or smoothness. The Genius Pipe gets rid of both those problems by providing a cool, flavorful, and smooth smoke.

With the Genius Pipes waterless filtration system, there’s no need for water. This also means there will be a lot more flavor. This metal hand pipe delivers cold smoke straight to your lungs. They are so confident in the quality of smoke that they have a no-cough guarantee!

You might be asking, how is this possible? All of this is made possible through the Genius Pipes Dimple-Surface Technology. By adding over 2,000 metal dimples into the design, the heat evenly distributes throughout these dimples as it passes through the pipe, cooling off the smoke before it reaches your lungs. These dimples along with the metal screen will also keep all those nasty “Scooby Snacks” out of your mouth.

Healthier & Cleaner

When it comes down to it, coughing means your lungs are unhappy. The Genius Pipes no cough guarantee says that you will not cough using their pipe. Cooler smoke means no more burnt lungs and throat. Genius Pipe filters out 95% of all tar and resin so that smoke comes out much smoother and cleaner than other pipes.

Reduces Waste

The Genius Pipe is by far one of the most efficient pipes on the market. The bowl's design is made to conserve your cannabis and last up to ten hits. Genius Pipe has a round and shallow bowl to ensure your herb is burnt evenly without any waste. It even comes with a metal slider that allows you to cover parts of your bowl, and only expose the section that you want to light. This metal slider's scientific design will help you to smoke even when the wind is blowing around you.

Easy Cleaning. No Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning your Genius Pipe, it’s just about the easiest pipe to clean on the market. The pipe is held together by 8 super strong magnets. The magnets guarantee a snug fit that will last as long as you own the pipe, which also makes it super easy to clean. All you have to do is:

  1. Separate the top piece from the bottom piece
  2. Wipe Genius Pipe down with 70% alcohol
  3. Slap it back together


To top it all off, Genius Pipe is incredibly discreet, and small enough to fit in your purse or pocket. It’s perfect for whatever setting you find yourself in. With its high-tech design and sleek shape, this smoking device could easily be mistaken for a remote control, phone, or other similar device. The Genius Pipe cover allows you to conveniently pack a bowl, put the pipe in your pocket, and take it out when you need it. The herb will stay tightly packed, and the metal cover will make your Genius Pipe smell proof.

Additional Info

Genius Pipe is about 6 inches in length, weighs 5 ounces, and is virtually indestructible. Since it comes with a lifetime warranty and is made from heavy duty metal, you don’t have to worry about this hand pipe dropping and shattering. Genius Pipe comes in five colors: black, green, gold, silver and purple. Don’t miss out on the most technically superior smoking device of your life. Pick up your Genius Pipe today at for just $89.99.

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