Happy Daddy Products Titanium Pipes & Dab Tools

Happy Daddy Products Titanium Pipes & Dab Tools

Happy Daddy manufactures high quality stainless steel and titanium devices such as pipe tools, dab tools, dab nails, tongs, scoops, and other accessories. Proudly made in Oregon, USA Happy Daddy Products use only the finest 304 L Stainless Steel along with Grade 2 Pure Titanium for all their products. Happy Daddy products began with pipe tools such as the Pipe Pal and Bowl Buddy and have since expanded to Dab Tools such as the Buddah Brothers: Big Buddah and Baby Buddah. If you want a quality pipe or dab tool that is built to last and custom made, Happy Daddy has the coolest products available. Let’s take a look at some of these products.

Titanium & Stainless Steel Dabbers

Baby Buddah Dabber

The Baby Buddah Dabber is a mini version of the Big Buddah that measures roughly 4”. Designed with a scooper on one end to reach inside standard quartz vials and easily roll over skillets or nails and a dabber tool on the opposite end which can be used with skillets and larger nails. The main differences between the Stainless Steel and Titanium version of this dabber is the price and the fact that the titanium dabber has a hole on the scooper. The Baby Buddah Dabber Stainless Steel is $11.99 and the Titanium is $19.99.

Big Buddah Dabber

The Big Buddah Dabber is a truly amazing multi-tool. It features a small spoon that allows you to reach inside standard quartz vials and a dabber tool on the other end. The Big Buddah Dabber can be used with both skillets and large nails. You can pick up this 7” dabber in stainless steel for $13.99 or titanium for $24.99.

Globfather Dabbers Titanium

The Globfather Dabber is a 7” dabber made using Americans finest Grade 2 pure titanium. It features a square head 1.25” long that gives you the ability to scoop large amounts of concentrates at a time. This tool is perfect for solvent-less concentrates. While all your friends are taking tiny dabs, you can take a glob from the Globfather for just $29.99. 

The Globfather Dabber II is also made from Americas finest Grade 2 pure titanium. However, instead of 7” this tool is 4” in length with the same large 1.25” scooper to get some huge globs. Pick up your Globfather II for $24.99. 

Buddah Bomb Stainless Steel

The Buddah Bomb measures 4” inches and is made from Americas finest low-carbon 304 L stainless steel. Its hollow hole allows concentrates to heat more evenly making your product last longer. It doesn’t take long to realize why this product is called the Bomb. Grab your Buddah Bomb dab tool for $11.99.

Slingers Dabber Set Titanium

The Slingers Dabber tool is the ultimate combination of 5 handy grade 2 titanium dabbing tools secured on one convenient key-ring with a 22.5-inch lanyard. This is the perfect piece for traveling and can be yours for $64.99.

F-Bomb Dabber Titanium

The F-Bomb Dabber aka the Fork-Bomb has a two-pronged fork for stabbing and grabbing as well as the bomber end that is perfect for heat disbursement and a longer lasting hit. This tool weighs 1oz and is 7” long costing $24.99.

Little F-er Dabber Titanium

The Little F-er Dabber is the prodigy sidekick of the F-Bomb. The Littler F-er has a two-pronged fork for stabbing and grabbing along with a bomber on the other end. Made from quality titanium the Little F-er is 4 inches long and costs $19.99.

Custom Dabbers 

Custom Katana Dabber Titanium

The Custom Katana Dabber designs a single-edged, Japanese-style Samurai mini sword dabber using Americas finest Grade 2 Titanium. Since this dabber is hand forged and each one has slight differences, you can take pride knowing your tool is truly one of a kind. The 4” Custom Katana is $39.99.

Custom Cutlass Dabber Titanium

The 4” Custom Cutlass is hand forged from CP Grade 2 Titanium. With a curved blade, Pirate-style mini sword on one end and a bomber end that is perfect for heat disbursement, this makes the Cutlass a perfect dabbing companion. This little beauty can be yours for $39.99. 

Custom Machete Dabber Titanium

The 4” Custom Machete Dabber features a Caribbean-style heavy-knife mini dabber made from Americas finest Certified Grade 2 Titanium. This Machete is no joke. Grab one today for $39.99.

Cleaning Tools 

Pipe Pal Cleaning Tool Stainless Steel

The Pipe Pal Cleaning Tool is a 4” stainless-steel pipe cleaning tool with three blades: a flat blade, a convex blade, and a concave blade that is designed to clean the bowl and rims. It’s simple to use and works like a charm. Just make a twisty motion and watch as the blade removes all of the residue and ash that is in your device. Grab a Pipe Pal today for $11.99.

Bowl Buddy Cleaning Tool Stainless Steel

The Bowl Buddy is a very popular cleaning tool with three blade surfaces: a flat blade, convex blade, and a concave blade. This tool is designed to clean not only the rims but also the bowl. The Bowl Buddy is essentially the same thing as the Pipe Pal except it is 7” instead of 4”. The Bowl Buddy is $13.99 

Grindson Grinder Cleaning Tools Stainless Steel

The Grindson is a master at cleaning each and every part of your grinder. Don’t let your valuable product go to waste. Instead, use the pick to help remove your herb and pollen from the grinders teeth and holes. With a pick on one side and an angled blade on the other, this tool is able to work well with any grinder. Grab your Grindson for $11.99.

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