Herb Iron | Ceramic Heating Element for Herb

Herb Iron | Ceramic Heating Element for Herb

Are you sick and tired of using lighters? Tired of having to buy new butane lighters or refill your refillable lighter only to have them get stolen “on accident” by a friend. Don’t ruin the taste of your high-quality herb with the butane and sulfur found in your lighters. Presenting a solution to all your problems: the world-famous Herb-Iron. The Herb-Iron uses a 25-watt ceramic heating element to that becomes activated when you push a button. The ceramic heating element reaches optimum smoking or vaping temperature in as little as 6 seconds. The heating time even becomes shorter throughout your sesh.

To turn off your Herb Iron, simply click the power button again. Within about 4-5 minutes your Herb-Iron will be completely cooled off and ready to put away. Due to the quality design that the Herb-Iron adopts, there is basically no possibility for human error that could cause unwanted burning or fires making the Herb-Iron extremely safe to use. It also comes with a limited-lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturing defects for the entire life of the product. The affordable Herb-Iron is perfect for anyone who is looking to remove butane and sulfur from your smoking routine while ensuring you get the most out of your glass collection.

Herb-Iron Features

Power Cord & Spring – Herb-Iron comes with an 8ft power cord. This is a standard 2 prong power cord and works with your standard outlet. The spring limits damage to the cord and prevents it from kinking or fraying. 

Plastic Exterior – Designed to fit perfectly in your hand, the strong, durable, and thick plastic exterior is the perfect outer layer. The ABS plastic is heat and flame resistant while also preventing damage to glass pieces in case of impact.

Power Button – The power button makes the Herb-Iron super convenient and simple. Just push and hold the button when you want it to heat up. If the unit falls from your hand; the unit will automatically turn off limiting overall damage.

Textured Grip – Designed to fit your hand for comfort during use with raised and textured grip to limit slipping from your hand.

Element Support – The element support adds stability and additional strength to the heating element. It adds a little layer of security by increasing the length that the heating element is from your hand.

Ceramic Heating Element – Herb-Iron’s ceramic heating element heats up in seconds and quickly cools for convenient storage. It will never produce any burned butane or sulfur like a traditional lighter. This piece is self-cleaning and maintenance free.

Pricing, & Color Options 

The Herb Iron comes in a variety of colors including: black, red, blue, green, orange, white, yellow, pink, and rasta. You can grab an herb iron and start saving on butane for just $79.99.

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