I-Tal Hemp Wick | 100% Organic Hemp Wick for Herb

I-Tal Hemp Wick | 100% Organic Hemp Wick for Herb

The Original I-Tal Hemp Wick provides an excellent, clean-burning flame source for all your smoking needs. Made using 100% natural raw hemp twine, which is renewable and earth-friendly, the twine is then saturated and cured in 100% refined beeswax. Hemp Wick provides the ultimate clean smoking experience for smoking and health enthusiasts alike. I-Tal provides a number of options for you to enjoy an environmentally friendly smoke, regardless of your usage level. Do yourself and the environment a favor by burning I-Tal Hemp Wick. 

Benefits of Using Wick

Did you know that butane, flint, and sulfur are released when you use a normal lighter? These compounds are both toxic and dangerous when inhaled which is exactly what you are doing when you take a hit from your pipe. Without getting too scientific here, studies have shown that toxins from butane lighters can be stored in your spine, while excessive exposure can lead to neurological damage.

Hemp Wick is a natural and organic solution that does not release any toxic chemicals into the air or your lungs. Not only are there hundreds of health reasons to use Wick, it is also very economical. Using I-Tal Hemp Wick will increase the life of your lighter significantly, reducing the amount of time you will be using the butane in your lighter. Simply use your lighter to light the hemp wick and you are good to go.

I-Tal Hemp Wick

I-Tal Hemp Wick is a 100% natural and organic alternative to the typical butane lighter that you might be using for your herb. I-Tal combines ultra-refined beeswax as well as pure RAW Hemp to make their superior hemp wick. All impurities are taken out of the beeswax offering a smooth and even burn without any additional flavor coming from the bee’s wax. Also, all the hemp is hand harvested and processed using ancient techniques from hemp farmers of past centuries. I-Tal uses absolutely no chemical treatments while producing their quality Hemp Wick’s hemp twine. 

I-Tal Products

Experience smoking like nature intended it. With the original I-Tal Hemp Wick in your life, you can finally experience what it feels like to taste the full flavor of your herb. No more harmful chemicals, no more butane taste masking your bud, and no more missing out on true flavor.

I-Tal Hemp Wick comes in a variety of different lengths. They have the option of purchasing either their packs and spools, or a hemp wick lighter sleeve.

  • I-Tal Hemp Wick comes in a 3.5 ft. sampler size for just $1.99.
  • You can also grab a 16.5 ft. organic hemp wick dispenser for $4.99.
  • The Organic Hemp Wick Lighter Sleeve is 16 ft. long and can be yours for $6.99.

Finally, you have the option to purchase the I-Tal Hemp Wick Spools in either 100 ft. or 250 ft. sizes. The 100 ft. hemp wick spool is $14.99 and the 250 ft. wick spool is $32.99.

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