Liberty 503 Glass | 3D Fumed Glass Spoon Pipes

Liberty 503 Glass | 3D Fumed Glass Spoon Pipes

Liberty 503 Glass is dedicated to providing stunning fumed glass pipes, handmade by flame. Every pipe is thoroughly sandblasted, blending elaborate layers of colors to build depth and create their signature 3D appearance. You’ll find the Liberty 503 logo sandblasted at the bottom of each pipe, letting you know you own an original, fully functional piece of art. Today, we will be talking about some of the best pipes that Liberty 503 makes. These spoon pipes include the Crop Circle, Freemason, Mushroom, Gear, Alien, and Nightdream.

First, let’s check out the Crop Circle Sandblasted Fumed Frit Spoon Pipe.

Crop Circle Spoon Pipe

The Crop Circle Spoon Pipe by Liberty 503 Glass is a top of the line piece that is sure to amaze you as soon as you set your eyes on it. This 6” inch spoon pipe incorporates a 3D design that is decorated with awesome and bizarre crop circles.

The Crop Circle pipe is a one of a kind piece consisting of sandblasted and fumed glass, which allows you to feel the hand-crafted designs. Every time you pick up this pipe you will appreciate the precision and care that went into its creation. 

Made right here in the USA from hand blown borosilicate glass, you are going to be amazed when you try this spoon pipe out. Get one today for $229.99. 

Freemason Spoon Pipe

The Freemason Spoon Pipe by Liberty 503 Glass is a black pipe measuring approximately 5” inches in length. If you ask me, this is the perfect length for a pipe. Any bigger it might not look discreet and any smaller it just wouldn’t hit hard enough. 

This mysterious and dark piece is decorated with an impressive Freemason design on the stem. Whether you are a Freemason or you are into conspiracy theories, this pipe has a ton of secrets packed within.

The one of a kind Freemason Spoon Pipe is even sandblasted and fumed to perfection with a rare blend of colors that create a 3D design from thick, heavyweight borosilicate glass. You will be able to see and feel the high-quality 3D design on this artfully crafted glass pipe. Grab it now for $54.99. 

Mushroom Spoon Pipe

The Mushroom Spoon Pipe by Liberty 503 Glass is an artfully designed and beautifully colored 5” pipe. The name Mushroom comes from this pipes design that consists of a bunch of 3D mushrooms growing in a field. That’s right, 3D! 

This spoon pipe is sandblasted and fumed blending layers of color, creating 3D designs that you can not only see but you can also feel. Its deep bowl allows you to pack fat hits for yourself or a group of friends.

Hand blow from quality borosilicate glass right here in the USA, the beautiful Mushroom Pipe is perfect for smokers of all levels. Pick the mushroom for just $54.99.

Gear Spoon Pipe

The 5” Gear Spoon Pipe by Liberty 503 Glass is a fantastic spoon pipe for gear lovers and mechanical enthusiasts. The entire pipe is designed with gearheads in mind consisting of a variety of uniquely shaped and designed gears. 

What makes these pipes so cool is that they are 3D. Not only can you see the awesome gear design on this pipe but you can actually feel the blended fumed glass. It’s blue, green, and yellow colors make this pipe a beauty to look at and its deep bowl piece makes it a beauty to smoke from.

Made right here in the USA from borosilicate glass, this handmade pipe weighs roughly 3oz and is 5” inches in length. Add this pipe to your collection for $54.99.

Alien Spoon Pipe

The 5” Alien Spoon Pipe by Liberty 503 Glass is the perfect pipe for Sci-Fi lovers, galactic travelers, and outer space fans alike. This piece features a 3D design consisting of a little alien standing on what appears to be a planet (the mouthpiece). Above the alien is an alien spaceship with tractor beams shooting down. The bowl piece design contains more space ships, aliens with laser pistols, and so much more! 

This super cool pipe consists of sandblasted and fumed glass that blends layers of color creating a 3D design that you can feel in your hand. Its deep bowl allows you to pack a huge party hit to pass around and share with your friends. 

Hand made from high-quality borosilicate glass in the USA, each Alien Spoon Pipe is only $54.99.

Nightdream Spoon Pipe

The Nightdream Spoon Pipe by Liberty 503 Glass combines amazing colors that you never thought you would see together on a pipe. This piece has a completely black background with beautifully colored designs that resemble an ocean. With shades of blue, green, and yellow Liberty 503 Glass has designed 3D sketches are symbolic for seashells, bubbles, and waves. It’s multi-toned blue mouthpiece is like a never-ending swirling vortex of water. 

Enjoy beautiful underwater designs that you could only see in your dreams. Made in the USA from high quality borosilicate glass, the Nightdream spoon pipe can be yours for just $54.99.

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