Magic Flight | Portable Wood Vaporizers & Grinders

Magic Flight | Portable Wood Vaporizers & Grinders

Magic Flight was founded on the idea that “Love is that which enables choice. Love is always stronger than fear. Always choose on the basis of love.” They believe in this so much, that it is written on the back of every Launch Box. This quote is believed to be that ‘one simple idea’ whose time has come to create the next ‘right steps’ in the evolution of human relationships. 

Magic Flight views their vaporizers as a manifestation and symbol of their love, enabling so many people to literally breathe better every day. Their Launch Box vaporizer is considered a “publishing media” for the quote above, rather than the quote being something “added” to the Box. All the Magic Flight products are made locally in San Diego, California, they produce a green product that is sourced from natural and renewable materials.

Magic Flight offers a couple different products including their most popular, the Launch Box, as well as the finishing grinder, and the Muad-Dib Concentrate Vaporizer Box. Let’s talk a little bit more about each product.

Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a portable handheld herbal vaporizer made in San Diego, California.


The Magic Flight Launch Box is basically just a wooden box with three main types of wood to choose from: Maple, Walnut, and Cherry. It appears to have a very simple box shaped design, hence “Launch Box”. However, it is very complex on the inside. It’s not easy to create a fully functional vaporizer that works off a single AA rechargeable battery. The Launch Box comes with a plastic tube attachment that you take hits from, two batteries, a charging dock, and a high-quality cleaning brush. 

If you are looking for an extremely complex looking box, the Launch Box will not be what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a fully functional portable vaporizer that doesn’t waste money on fancy aesthetics, the Magic Flight Launch Box will be perfect for you.


The Magic Flight Launch Box is built to last. Sometimes, simplicity is better. Made in the USA, the quality of workmanship really shows. So much so, that Magic Flight offers a lifetime warranty on all their products. If there are ever any problems, just take a couple pictures, and send it back for a replacement. In addition, it offers a very smooth and tasty vape.

The battery life is about what you would expect to receive from a pair of AA batteries. You can expect to get a few hours or more, depending on how high your temperature is set and how long you keep it on. Another great feature is the Launch Box’s efficiency. You can take just a pinch of herb (.1g) and get roughly 5-8 hits from it. For the best results possible, grind up your material very fine, almost to a kief. Overall, the Launch Box is a great performer, extremely well priced at $119.99 and would make the perfect addition to your collection.

Magic Flight Finishing Grinder

The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder creates a micro-fine grind designed to revolutionize your vaporizing experience. Handcrafted in San Diego, CA this grinder comes in three different styles of wood: maple, cherry, or walnut. Each of these grinders are hand-finished and designed specifically to fit on top of the bowl of your Launch Box. Just connect the grinder to your Box to deposit ground herb directly into the trench for the perfect smoking sesh.

How it works

First, place your herb into the Finishing Grinder. Next, twist the Finishing Grinder to grate the material into the trench. This will result in a very fine grind designed to work perfectly with the Launch Box. That’s it, start vaping! Reasonably priced, you can pick one up today for $39.99.

Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Vaporizer Box

The Muad-Dib Concentrate Vape Box hooks you up with everything you could possibly need to quickly and easily vape concentrates, oils, and extracts. That’s right, since this portable vaporizer is battery powered, you will never have to use a torch again. The Muad-Dib uses the same technology as the Launch Box described above, with the only difference being a smaller screen that is designed to vaporize concentrates in just under three seconds.

If the Muad-Dib Vaporizer Box wasn’t already awesome enough, it also has a much better battery life than the Launch Box. This allows you to take more than fifty hits on a single charge. Included in the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Kit is 2 rechargeable batteries, battery charger, felt-lined decorative tin, 1.5 ft. black draw whip, loading spoon, and 1 replacement screen. Grab your concentrate vaporizer for $169.99.

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