Monkey Pipes | Handcrafted Wood Pipes Made In USA

Monkey Pipes | Handcrafted Wood Pipes Made In USA

If you have heard anything about Monkey Pipe, you have probably heard that they offer some of the best handcrafted, hardwood pipes you can find. And you have heard correct. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the amazing products that Monkey Pipe has created for your smoking pleasure. But first, let me tell you a little bit about Monkey Pipe, where they came from, and what they offer. 

Monkey Pipe

Founded in Oregon by Erik Sigrist in the early 1990’s. From day one, they have thrived by crafting their smoking pipes from the best custom hand finished hardwoods. Apart from the high-quality hardwood, Monkey Pipe uses stainless steel nuts and screws as well as nickel plated mouthpieces and bowls. The Monkey Pipe Classic was the first pipe in production, and after positive customer feedback, Monkey Pipe has launched the Fisherman’s Friend storage pipe, Oregon Trail hand pipe, Peabody folding pipe, and the Jet Pal.

Monkey Pipe – Classic Original

The Monkey Pipe Classic is the first original pipe that introduces a swivel body and mouthpiece all built in one. All you have to do is turn the lid either right or left to uncover the bowl and gain access to the mouthpiece. If you have some herb left over that you want to save for later, simply turn the swivel lid to cover and extinguish the bowl. 

Sandwiched between the wood body and swivel lid lays a medical-grade anodized aluminum piece fastened with 2-screws that can unscrew for easy cleaning. This compact wood pipe is only 2” when closed and 3” when opened and accepts filtration screens that are 0.625”. Pick up your Monkey Pipe Original here at WickiePipes for just $22.99. Available in 7 colors: black, silver, blue, gold, green and red and purple. 

Monkey Pipe – Fisherman’s Friend Original 

The Monkey Pipe Fisherman’s Friend is the lightest and most comfortable pipe you could carry. The Fishermans Friend was named after how fisherman prefers their gear; lightweight, compact, and useful. Similar to the Monkey Pipe Classic, the Fisherman’s Friend has a swivel lid that grants you access to the bowl and mouthpiece once opened. However, this wood pipe comes with a stainless swivel piece which opens the secret storage compartment, and bottom slide plate which removes for easy cleaning with a simply wipes.

The Fisherman’s Friend is built to last using solid hardwood and will last you for many years. It measures 2” when closed and 3.5” when opened and accepts 0.625” filtration screens. Grab a Monkey Pipe Fisherman’s Friend Original for just $24.99.

Monkey Pipe – Oregon Trail Original

The Monkey Pipe Oregon Trail Original is one of the most unique wood pipes you will ever see. The Oregon Trail offers a see-through acrylic inlay for smoke visibility. This means that you can watch the smoke pass through the pipe as you are inhaling. Extremely lightweight, compact in size, and travel-friendly, the Monkey Pipe Oregon Trail is everything you need in a hand pipe.

The convenient swivel lid helps to snuff out herb and doubles as a hefty built-in storage for on-the-go smoking. To keep this elegant wood pipe as simple as possible, the acrylic inlay is removable which makes cleaning easy. The Oregon Trail weighs just 1oz, is 3” in length, and uses 0.625” filtration screens. Order your Oregon Trail Original at $19.99.

 Monkey Pipe – Peabody Original

The Monkey Pipe Peabody Original was designed as a smaller companion of the original Sherlock Holmes pipe. To combat the problem that many users had with the Sherlock Holmes size, the Peabody uses its swivel lid keeping this wood pipe compact and discreet. The swivel lid acts as a cover for your bowl which is ideal for snuffing out burning herb and storing your unfinished goods. This wood pipe is built to last and will last you for many years. Measuring 2” when closed and 3.5” when opened, the Peabody uses 0.625” filtration screens and will cost you $24.99.

Monkey Pipe – Jet Pal

The Monkey Pipe Jet Pal is a cool and comfortable wood pipe designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. It is the newest and most recent design Monkey Pipe. Made from the highest quality hardwoods, the Jet Pal also features the largest compartment of all the Monkey Pipes with a stainless-steel sliding cover to store your herb. It also includes a removable stainless steel cover over the air path making cleaning your wood pipe super easy. Finally, the Jet Pal uses a stainless-steel dome swivel lid to prevent ash and debris from falling out of your pipe while on-the-go. Order your Monkey Pal Jet Pipe for just $26.99.

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