PAX Vaporizer | Best Dry Herb & Concentrates Vape

PAX Vaporizer | Best Dry Herb & Concentrates Vape

PAX Vaporizers are one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. The all-in-one PAX 3 vaporizer allows you to smoke both dry herb and concentrates. This innovative vaporizer company changed the game with the release of their vaporizer line, PAX Era, PAX 2, and PAX 3. The PAX Era is used for extracts only, and the PAX 2 for cannabis flower, but the groundbreaking design of the PAX 3 Vaporizer allows for the use of both. This portable vaporizer is truly the first of its kind.

PAX Portable Dry Herb & Concentrate Vapes

PAX Vaporizers are made for the sophisticated smoker. The PAX Portable Dry Herb & Concentrate Vapes are sleek, stylish, and stealthy. Perfect for the busy toker, PAX vapes are made for people on the go. PAX Vaporizers set out to create an all-in-one vaporizing experience. By creating a vaporizer that supports both dry herb and concentrates, users can switch effortlessly between the two without the hassle of bulky pipes and table top vaporizers. PAX Vaporizers are made with the highest quality material and are made to last a lifetime. The weight of the vapes and sleek metal finish add an elegant touch the dry herb and extract vapes. Considered one of the best dry herb vaporizers, it is no surprise celebrities have been spotted using a PAX Vape.

PAX Vaporizers began in the land of the tech startups – San Francisco. PAX was founded by two Stanford Design Program graduates, and it shows in the incredible craftsmanship put into each vaporizer. These are not your typical one-and-done reusable vape pens; these are truly the best portable vaporizers money can buy. Each PAX vape comes with a 10-year limited warranty, not something most vape companies can promise. 

If you’re looking to get serious about your vaporizing needs, the PAX 3 is arguably the best vaporizer on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the specs that make this PAX Vaporizer one of a kind. 

The PAX 3 Dry Herb + Extract Portable Vaporizer is the best vaporizer money can buy. This all-in-one PAX Vaporizer is incredibly sleek, stylish, and stealthy. The PAX 3 Vaporizer is designed for both cannabis flower and concentrates. When fully charged, the PAX Vaporizer will last 8-10 session. The vape has four temperature settings to allow total control of your vaporizing experience. The PAX Vape boasts a 22 second best in class heat-up, no more time wasted on cheap pens that never fully heat up (or over-torch your herb and extracts). The vaporizer has an impressive charging time of 90 minutes. The responsive vaporizer has vibration notifications, so you know exactly where your settings are.

The PAX 3 Vaporizer includes a maintenance kit, three screens, a concentrate insert and multi-tool, all that’s left to purchase is your cannabis flower or concentrates! The PAX 3 also includes two mouthpieces, a sleek charging cable and dock, 3500 mAh battery, and two oven lids. Unlike other vaporizers on the market, PAX includes everything you need for months, even years to come, so you don’t end up wasting more money on replacement parts right after your purchase the best vaporizer on the market. 

The ergonomically smooth and sleek high-polished anodized aluminum has a great weight to it; you don’t feel like you’re going to crush it in your pocket. The PAX 3 Vaporizer is 3.87 inches high, 1.21 inches wide, and 0.85 inches deep. This compact design allows for greater discretion during your vape session. The oven volume is surprising large for its class, at a 0.4 inch height, 0.73 inch width, and 0.34 inch depth, the oven holds a surprising amount of dry herb and extracts. 

Digital Trends called the PAX Vaporizer, “Sleek, lightning fast heating and strong vapor,” while Business Insider claimed, “The ‘iPhone’ of vaporizers just got even better.” 

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the best dry herb vaporizer company PAX is their app that syncs with your vape. The app allows PAX Era and PAX 3 users to use Bluetooth technology to control the temperature, security, and firmware of your vaporizer. The app allows you to control the temperature down to the degree, to optimize the flavor and vapor quantity. You can customize your vaporizer through the app by giving it a name, selecting colors and control the PAX 3 vibration. You can also lock your PAX through the app for security, and get updates to keep your device current. PAX takes security seriously, and will never share the information from the app with third parties. 

Specific to the PAX 3, you can now change your vape into five different modes. You can use standard; the use-activated temperature control, stealth; for those times where you need extra discretion, boost; which kicks your device up a notch, flavor; a mode made for giving you the ultimate flavor, and efficiency; when you’re low on your stash and don’t want to waste a drop. 

PAX Vaporizers are so popular, celebrities such as The Weeknd, Jhene Aiko, Childish Gambino, Annie Edison, the band MS MR, Asher Roth, George Lopez, Ilana Glazer, and Abbi Jacobson have all been spotted with this popular vape. For those looking for a clean and sophisticated alternative to traditional smoking methods, the PAX Vaporizers are a perfect solution. PAX has vocally set out to eradicate the messy and less healthy method of traditional smoking through the use of cleaner, well-made vaporizers. With cannabis gaining more popularity, this is a great option for those looking to dip their toes in the cannabis lifestyle without taking on the stigma of the dirty stoner. 

The team over at PAX Vaporizers really thought of everything. It’s difficult to imagine where the best portable vaporizer company will go next, but we are excited to find out. The PAX 3 is available on WickiePipes for $274.99, and with a 10-year limited warranty, is well worth the price. If you’re ready to vape like the stars and join a new era of cannabis consumers, order the best vaporizer today, and let us know what you think.

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