Phoenician | Medical Grade 420 Smoking Accessories

Phoenician | Medical Grade 420 Smoking Accessories

Phoenician Engineering strives to create the highest quality medical grade 420 smoking accessories through the use of quality materials that will last a lifetime. Every Phoenician Engineering product is made with medical-grade supplies, and is extensively tested, hand-polished, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Phoenician Engineering accessories last a lifetime and are an impressive centerpiece to any smoker’s coffee table.

These innovative and practically destruction-proof smoking accessories are great for the traveling (or clumsy) smoker; their aluminum build can withstand the ups and downs of travel and everyday life. In addition to their durability, Phoenician Engineering pieces are easy to clean, no need to take extreme caution like many wood and glass accessories demand. 

Phoenician Engineering excels in creating medical-grade products. Phoenician began with the idea that medical patients deserve high-grade, medical quality smoking accessories to fit their needs, without the stigma or misconceptions of traditional smoking devices. 

Now, Phoenician Engineering has grown to offer patients a wide variety of products to fit their needs. Here, we take a look at some of the best Phoenician Engineering products on the market so you can enjoy all the benefits Phoenician has to offer. 

Phoenician Ashtray

With all the flimsy and breakable ashtrays on the market, the Phoenician Ashtray has no difficulty standing out from the competition. The aluminum bowl not only protects you from the inevitable drops but also provides a sturdy base that looks great on any table. Unlike its plastic competition, your herb won’t burn holes into the material. With a lifetime guarantee, there is no need to replace it every few months. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime de-bowler. If you’re looking for a medical grade 420 smoking accessory, this is the one for you. 

Like most Phoenician products, this ashtray is surrounded by the stylish lobe grip, an ergonomic design that keeps the ashtray in your hand, not the floor. No need to worry about dulling the center nail, the nickel-plated de-bowler can withstand the heat and junk from your bowl. If you really want to impress your friends, mention the neodymium rare earth magnet that keeps the nail in the center of the Phoenician ashtray. 

Weighing in at 11 ounces, this Phoenician ashtray can function as a paperweight as well. For an ashtray that will last a lifetime, $29.99 is a steal. 

Aura by Phoenician

For a truly unique medical grade smoking accessory, check out The Phoenician Aura hand pipe. What looks like something out of a futuristic galaxy is really a durable, medical-grade pipe by Phoenician Engineering. Possibly the most striking feature, the “X” shaped bowl has a functional use (besides looking out of this world). The four tips of the “X” can be used to corner the bowl, providing a smooth and controlled hit every time. Gone are the days of torching your entire bowl (and throat). This design is perfect for rationing out your stash and provides a fair hit for everyone in the circle. 

As if this piece couldn’t get any more convenient, Phoenician placed the carb at the top of the pipe, which allows for a one-handed direct injection hit and classy smoking experience. When paired with the iconic lobe grip and aluminum build, this Phoenician pipe is practically built for the clumsy or traveling smoker. You can throw this pipe in your pockets or suitcase (if it’s been cleaned!) without worry of breaking. 

Like all Phoenician products, this pipe comes with a lifetime warranty. Get your hands on this stylish and sturdy pipe for $59.99. 

Phoenician Concentration Station

The Phoenician Concentration Station Tray is one of the most unique and useful products on the market. The Concentration Station is the perfect gift for the seasoned dabber; it has virtually every compartment you could ever need for your concentrate needs. The Phoenician Concentration Station features two silicon mat holders so you don’t have to cram all your concentrates into one square. Conveniently above the mats lies a compartment for your silicon jars. It can accommodate almost any silicon jar size. 

You know a seasoned smoker made this product when they built in an angled cotton swab holder and rubbing alcohol container. Every good smoker knows the cotton swab technique is the best way to keep your pieces clean! Just when you thought they thought of everything, take a look at the lighter compartments. Phoenician Engineering built these with all lighters in mind, providing a holder for both the traditional Bic©-shaped lighters and Clipper© lighters as well. Possibly the star of the show, the Phoenician Concentration Station features a grinder holder that fits any size Phoenician grinder (as well as most other grinders) and locks into place for an easy, one-handed grind. Finally, the tray offers multiple compartments for your dabber and carb caps. Phoenician Engineering really thought of it all. 

As a bonus, the Phoenician Concentration Station comes with two silicon mats that fit perfectly into the two holders. The solid aluminum tray comes with a lifetime warranty, but with this hefty piece of metal, it’s not likely you’ll ever need to use it. This impressive centerpiece is $149.99. 

GEN II Phoenician Patient Tray

For its flower counterpart, check out The Phoenician GEN II Phoenician Patient Rolling Tray. This solid aluminum Phoenician rolling tray has no chance of breaking or wearing down during your heavy rolling days. The deep center acts as a moat for your herb. Nicely placed in the center is a holder for your paper, allowing for quick rolling so you can get back to doing what you love – smoking. 

Like the Concentration Station, the Phoenician rolling tray has a grinder holder that snaps in the bottom for a one-handed grind. The upper-left corner can accommodate multiple paper and rolled herb sizes, and the two lighter holders can accommodate both Bic©-shaped lighters and Clipper© lighters as well. 

Another popular feature is the built-in ashtray. With an open-ended design, cleanup has never been easier. As always, the GEN II Phoenician rolling tray comes with a lifetime warranty. Snag one of these trays for only $149.99. 

If you’re looking for a durable smoking accessory that will last you a lifetime, Phoenician Engineering is your answer. These sleek, no-nonsense pieces are a great investment for both seasoned and new smokers alike. Check out WickiePipes selection of Phoenician Engineering products by clicking here.

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