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Piece Pipe | Compact & Stealthy Pipe with Storage

Piece Pipe | Compact & Stealthy Pipe with Storage

Piece Pipe is a one of a kind modern, stylish, and ultra-compact smoking device. The Piece Pipe is easily disguised as a key ring by attaching to your keys, necklace, or bag. Due to its size and unique look, the Piece Pipe is definitely one of the stealthiest smoking devices out there. Made from high-quality brass in Sweden, the patented Piece Pipe features a compartment to stash your herb, it stays perfectly cool to the touch, and it is 100% odorless when closed. This pipe is hands down the best travel companion and accessory that can go with you anywhere you go.

Why Choose Piece Pipe?

Piece Pipe is not the perfect smoking piece for everyone. For example, if you want a large water pipe that can sit on your table at home, the Piece Pipe may not be the best choice. Or, maybe you prefer to vape over smoke. However, if you are looking for a hand-held pipe that can be taken with you on the go, then Piece Pipe is hands down the best choice. 

Compact & Portable

First of all, Piece Pipe is extremely compact. Weighing only 2oz with a length of 1.5 inches and a .75-inch diameter, the Piece Pipe is shorter than your pinky and about as wide as your thumb. This means that you can take your pipe anywhere with ease and it is hardly noticeable.


The Piece Pipe is super discreet for a few reasons. First, is its size that we discussed above. Second, is the fact that the Piece Pipe is completely odor proof when it is closed. Smoke a bowl on your walk to work, put the pipe on your keychain, and walk into the office. Nobody will be able to smell a thing! And finally, its design. The Piece Pipe looks just like a keychain or some other harmless decoration. Only a serious smoke would be able to identify the Piece Pipe as a smoking tool, and if that’s the case, then you don’t have to worry what they think since they also smoke!


The Piece Pipe has a discreet storage compartment in the center of the pipe that is kept fully covered until you decide to access it. Prepack your Piece Pipe and fill up the storage compartment for at least 4-5 bowls that can be taken with you wherever you go. 

Quality Material

Piece Pipe is made from extremely high-quality brass in Sweden so you can count on it being durable and lasting for many years. Since this piece is made from metal, it’s crucial to use high-quality material to prevent heat from spreading from the bowl to your mouthpiece. That’s exactly what Piece Pipe provides, a crisp and refreshing hit every time.

Ease of Use

With the Piece Pipe, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. With four easy modes, the Piece Pipe has everything you need for a smooth flight. Stealth Mode is perfect for traveling. This is when your pipe is completely closed, and the odor proof capabilities are in action. Hit Mode is used when you are ready to smoke. Simply pull the ring until you hear the first click, and your Piece Pipe is ready to use. The third mode is Reload Mode. To access the reload mode, simply pull the ring back until you hear the second click, and now you have access to a storage compartment where you can stash your herb. Finally, Clean Mode gives you access to the bottom of the Piece Pipe where you can easily clean resin build-ups with warm water and soap or some rubbing alcohol.

Piece Pipe Price

The Piece Pipe combines the priceless functionality of portability, stealthiness, storage, quality Swedish brass, and ease of use all into one piece. No longer do you have to worry about carrying around smelly and obvious paraphernalia, you can pick up the Piece Pipe for just $39.99.

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