Pipe Screens | Stainless Steel, Glass, & Titanium Pipe Screen

Pipe Screens | Stainless Steel, Glass, & Titanium Pipe Screen

Whether you have a glass pipe, wood pipe, metal pipe, or whatever, it’s important to get the best screens for your pipe. WickiePipes offers a variety of pipe screens that fit in just about any type of smoking piece. These pipe screens prevent you from inhaling ash “Scooby snacks” by acting as a barrier between your herb and your mouth. They also play a huge contributing factor to the cleanliness of your pipe. Pipe screens can reduce the amount of residue build up by 500% compared to using your piece without a screen. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the different pipe screens that WickiePipes has to offer. These screens come in various sizes ranging from .625 inches to .750 inches made from materials such as glass, stainless steel, and titanium. 

WickieScreens - .625 Inch Stainless Steel Screens

The WickieScreens .625 inch stainless steel pipe screens offer amazing filtration that is guaranteed to make smoking out of your pipe cleaner and healthier. These pipe screens are perfect for your Wikilite Pipe Lighter formally know as (Wickie Pipe Lighter), Monkey Pipe, and Vapor Genie, and so many others. Grab a 15 pack of .625 inch stainless steel pipe screens for only $2.99.

Fumo Pipe Screens

The Fumo Pipe replacement screens are made specifically for the amazing Fumo Pipe. These Pipe Screens are made from stainless-steel, which provides a very high quality filtration by grabbing tiny particles for a clean smoke. The Fumo Pipe Screens are manufactured in the United States and come in a pack of 10. Grab your replacement pipe screens for just $2.99.

WickieScreens .625 Inch Titanium Dome Screen

The WickieScreens .625" Titanium Dome Pipe Screen does an amazing job by preventing large particles from passing through your pipe to your mouthpiece. The great part about the WickieScreens Titanium Pipe Screen is that they are reusable and easy to clean. Just give it a rub with some alcohol wipes, and it will look brand new. Made entirely in the USA, this screen is designed to fit perfectly in the Wickie Pipe Lighter, and Monkey Pipe, and hundreds of other pipes that are made to house a .625 inch screen. The WickieScreens titanium screen even comes in a plastic storage case. Weighing just 2 oz, this reusable pipe screen can be yours for just $4.99.

Mori Design - .625 Inch Titanium Dome Screen

The Mori Design screen is designed specifically for your Raydiator Pipe. This pipe screen provides optimal air flow being made from grade 2 titanium. For a longer lasting, reusable screen, check out the Mori Design titanium pipe screen. This screen works with any pipe that houses a .625 inch screen and is only $4.99 per screen.

WickieScreens - .750 Inch Stainless Steel Screens

The .750 inch stainless steel pipe screens by WickieScreens are the perfect screens for any pipe requiring a .750 inch screen such as the Genius Pipe, Prometheus Pocket Pipe, and Celebration Pipes. For the best results, replace your screen after every two days of use. These stainless steel WickieScreens come in a pack of 15 for just $3.99. 

WickieGlass Screens

WickiePipes Daisy Glass Pipes Screens are amazing for glass bowls of any size and shape. Have you ever went to pack a bowl for yourself and only used a little bit of herb? Has your herb gone down the bowl hole before you even got the chance to smoke it all? These glass bong and pipe screens are not only reusable but they are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Clean the screen the same way you would clean your pipe. The WickieGlass Screens come in a pack of 10 with assorted colors for only $2.99.

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