PUK Glass Pipe 2.0 | Smoking Pipe with Six Chambers

PUK Glass Pipe 2.0 | Smoking Pipe with Six Chambers

History of PUK

PUK Pipe was founded on the banks of the Ohio River near Cincinnati, Ohio. Believe it or not, Mr. Kevin Bruns original PUK Pipe design was created in 1989 on a drill press in his friend’s garage while in high-school. Unfortunately, the pipe design was put on hold due to society’s views on his product. A few years ago, Kevin revived his idea and made it into the PUK Pipe you know and love today. Shortly after launching, PUK Pipe was awarded “The Best In Glass” award at the 2012 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. PUK proudly stands by their quality pipes and encourages that you contact them if you ever have any problems with one of their pieces.

PUK Glass Pipe

Winner of 2nd Place Best Glass at Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2012, the PUK Glass Pipe, is a force to be reckoned with. The PUK Glass Pipe 2.0 is a round; puck sized pipe made in the USA with heat resistant Pyrex borosilicate glass. The PUK Pipe’s six-chamber design allows you to pack six bowls at a time (all around ½ gram each). This is the perfect pipe for passing around and sharing or pre-packing bowls to save you time and space while on-the-go.

It’s said that PUK is one of the most sophisticated pipes on the market, which is hard to deny after taking just one look at this hand pipe. With its ability to hold almost a full eighth of herb and choose from up to six different strains, you can’t go wrong. The magnet in the center of this piece acts as a lid, keeping your goods securely locked and in place while you are on the go.

PUK Pipe Packaging

The PUK Pipe comes in a pretty sweet little metal tin. This tin is a great place to store your PUK Pipe but is nice enough to be saved and used to store other miscellaneous objects. Inside of the tin, the pipe is securely fastened between two pieces of grey Styrofoam which keeps it from getting banged up. This makes it so you never have to worry about receiving a PUK Pipe that is broken. Also, the PUK Pipe comes with some replacement screens that can be used for any of the 6 bowls.

Using PUK Pipe

Using the PUK Pipe is very simple. First, grind up your herb into a fine consistency and pack it into as few as one or as many as six bowls inside the PUK. Once it is loaded, just twist the top portion either left or right until the hole is directly over the bowl you would like to smoke. Finally, light it up! You can either keep turning the PUK Pipe to clear all six bowls, or cover your bowls and save them for later. That’s all there is too it.


  • The PUK Pipe has a very compact and beautiful design making it perfect for traveling or fitting it inside your pocket. It is lightweight for a glass piece but it still feels sturdy.
  • The storage capability make this pipe super convenient. No need to carry around a jar of herb when you have a pipe that can hold 3 grams at a time.


  • The hole that is drilled for the smoke to pass through the pipe is somewhat small making cleaning this piece challenging. Since a Q-tip won’t fit, you will need to use a pipe cleaner or just let it soak in alcohol.

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