PYPTEK Dreamroller - Metal and Glass Handheld Steamroller

PYPTEK Dreamroller - Metal and Glass Handheld Steamroller

In a previous article we went over the various products that PYPTEK offers. Now, we’ve added the Dreamroller, an instant hit from the PYPTEK family. Let’s see what PYPTEK has to offer for this new product. 

PYPTEK crafts all their hand pipes locally in Denver, Colorado. PYPTEK uses a combination of state of the art 3D printers, old fashioned metal working, and real life glass blowers to create all the parts and pieces that make up their highly-engineered line of Prometheus Pipes. This means that every PYPTEK Pipe is a little bit unique, and is built with love by an entire team of craftsmen and engineers before it gets to you.

The name Prometheus comes from ancient Greek mythology. Prometheus was a Titan god of forethought and was said to have crafted the first man from clay. Prometheus stole fire and bestowed it upon man. Zeus was not very happy about this and chained Prometheus to a cliff where each day his heart was eaten out by a vulture. Although Prometheus was not very popular amongst the immortals, he was recognized and honored by all of humanity for providing them with fire. Crazy, right? 

Lets take a look at some of the features that can be found in all PYPTEK pipes. 

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Aircraft grade aluminum protects all of the Prometheus Pipes. PYPTEK uses the aluminum alloy 6061-T6 to encase the glass components for each of these pipes. Now, this is not like the aluminum that you imagine a soda can is made of. This aluminum is much harder, and less malleable creating a casing for your hand pipe that is virtually indestructible. Soda cans are made from a lower 3000 series aluminum alloy. The same aluminum used in Prometheus pipes can often be found on aircraft wings, sailboat masts, bicycle frames, air coolers, hydraulic piping, and many other applications. 

Anodized Metal

To add an extra layer of protection to the already impressive 6061-T6 aluminum alloy found on the Prometheus hand pipes, PYPTEK uses anodization. The process of anodizing aluminum thickens the aluminum oxide film on the surface of the exoskeleton creating a hard, corrosion-resistant-layer that will protect your pipe against chipping and peeling. Additionally, anodizing allows PYPTEK to give the aluminum a long-lasting and colorful finish due to the anodized surfaces porous structure. The anodization process also makes smoking much cleaner and healthy. The anodization encourages heat to be distributed evenly throughout the entire pipe, virtually eliminating any chance of vapor release. 

Man-Made Glass

If you haven’t already noticed, the Prometheus Nano, Prometheus Pocket, and Prometheus Titan are all made with high quality as a number one ingredient. The core of each Prometheus pipe is handcrafted by professional glass artists in Colorado. This glass is specifically engineered to withstand insane quantities of heat and chemical corrosion. Believe it or not, all glass is not equal. There are five common types of glass: soda lime, lead glass, high silica, aluminosilicate, and borosilicate. PYPTEK uses high quality, borosilicate glass. This glass was developed to withstand large temperature variations and minimize expansion from heating and breaking from cooling. This is the same high-quality glass that Pyrex uses for their laboratory and kitchen glassware. 

Strength & Durability

Above all, each Prometheus glass and metal pipe are crafted to be virtually indestructible. To test it out, PYPTEK has dropped their pipes off mountains and ran them over with trucks. To this day, they have not managed to break a single pipe. Prometheus hand pipes were engineered to withstand just about anything so you can take it on any adventure imaginable. 

Now let’s take a look at what sets the Dreamroller apart. 

The PYPTEK Prometheus Dreamroller is a modern glass steamroller hand pipe featuring a front designed Instant-Clear mechanical push carb system to deliver powerful draws. Simply light and press the button to clear the chamber. Its pressurized chamber makes the Dreamroller 10 times easier to draw than a standard pipe. Made with 6061 aircraft-grade anodized aluminum exoskeleton and borosilicate glass, Dreamaroller provides comfort, performance and durability. Given the wide mouthpiece opening, the Dreamroller is designed to deliver powerful hits any given moment. Shock-absorbing silicone gaskets surround the glass to prevent breakage. For easy cleaning, the Dreamroller is made up 3 parts - the shell, glass, and Instant-Clear carb - simply pull off the carb, clean the glass and slide the carb back in. For thorough cleaning slide out the glass. Choose PYPTEK Prometheus Dreamroller in 5 colors: black, blue, green, purple & red. 

The Dreamroller is great for on the go because it fits right in the palm of your hand and is lightweight considering half of it is metal! The Dreamroller is available on WickiePipes for $99.99. 

Some of the other popular PYPTEK products include the Nano Chillum Pipe, Pocket Pipe, and the Titan Pipe. All pieces are handheld and surrounded with a metal build so the inner glass chambers don’t break. The Dreamroller Pipe is most similar to the Nano Chillum, but features a larger build and steamroller action! A feature completely unique to the Dreamroller is the push button end, which makes it 10 times easier to draw smoke from than a regular pipe. This is a completely innovative design from PYPTEK that has yet to be replicated and is only found on the Dreamroller. The Pocket Pipe and Titan Pipe have a more standard glass bowl shape to them, but like all PYPTEK products, have a futuristic metal build surrounding the durable glass interior. The Dreamroller, like the chillum, is available in five colors that suit your preference. 

If you’re looking for a unique, quality made piece that will last you quite some time, make sure to check out PYPTEK’s pieces. These pipes are sure to impress your friends, their original design is not only visually pleasing, they are super durable too! All pieces mentioned in this article are available through WickiePipes and all colors are available as well. Support a hard working Colorado local company by trying out one of their pieces today.

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