Silicone Pipes | Indestructible Hand & Water Pipes

Silicone Pipes | Indestructible Hand & Water Pipes

As smoking becomes increasingly popular, it’s important to have a piece that you can take with you and not have to worry about it breaking. Whether you are at a party, sporting event, at the beach, or backpacking, taking a glass bong is probably not the best idea. That’s why you need at least one silicone piece. Silicone pipes and bongs are perfect smoking outside of your home when there is a higher risk of breaking your piece. Since these pieces are made from silicone, they are indestructible and can be packed in a backpack or purse without being damaged. Today, we will talk about some of the top silicone pipes and water pipes on the market.

Trailer Park Boys – Silibong Water Pipe

When it comes to celebrity licensed brand smoking pipes, there is nobody who does it better than Famous Brandz. Famous Brandz is responsible for the manufacturing of highly recognizable celebrities such as Cheech & Chong, Trailer Park Boys, and Snoop Dogg’s exclusive Snoop Pounds water pipes. With over 20 years of experience in the smoking accessories industry, the founders have built strong relationships with several top celebrities and film studios such as Paramount Pictures. Let’s focus our attention specifically on the Trailer Park Boys silicone water pipe.

The Trailer Park Boys Silibong silicone water pipe is perfect for anyone who loves the TV show Trailer Park Boys. These four unique pieces’ feature graphics of Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian and the fourth has a picture of each of them. The Bubbles water pipe is blue, the Julian water pipe is purple, the Ricky water pipe is green, and the Silibong with all three pictures is black. Each piece is 14” tall and comes with a removable silicone ice-catch disk. For additional security, the base of the Silibong functions as a suction cup holding the water pipe firmly wherever you place it. Each of these unique silicone water pipes is just $79.99.


Roll-Uh-Bowl is the number one portable water pipe for on-the-go smoking. Perfect for any adventurer or outdoor enthusiast who wants to take his piece with him in even the harshest conditions. Each Roll-Uh-Bowl product is made from medical-grade VI Healthcare silicone making this bowl indestructible, foldable, and portable! Made entirely in the United States, these bongs are designed to fold to the size of your palm and fit in your backpack, pocket, or purse while remaining completely odorless and flavorless. They also come installed with a 9mm Graffix downstem that is fitted with a 9mm Eject-A-Bowl. Just press the spring-loaded bowl down and watch while your bowl ejects the ashes with ease.

Each of the Roll-Uh-Bowl products is dishwasher safe, free of toxins, and perfect for hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, concerts, or parties. Never worry about breaking your bong again, the Roll-Uh-Bowl will be the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. Grab one today for just $34.99

Strong Silicone – Adventurer

Strong Silicone is the original strong silicone water pipe invented as a solution to the horrifying glass bong breakage that occurs to just about everyone at least once in their life. Strong Silicone designs unbreakable bongs that can go with you where you need to go without having to worry about a thing. Based out of the beautiful Bend, Oregon, Strong Silicone understands any crazy adventures that you could go on. Whether you are going white water rafting, biking, hiking, or you just want the peace of knowing your house bong will not break; the Adventurer water pipe will be perfect for you. 

The Adventurer pipe features a proprietary base that acts as a suction cup by securely sticking to any flat surface. Also, it offers a glass-on-glass setup for the smoothest hit. Since it is foldable, your Adventurer water pipe can go with you just about anywhere without having to worry about a bulky and heavy burden. The Adventurer even offers a removable ice-pinch located near the top of the pipe for an even cooler smoking experience. This 14” piece can be added to your collection for only $79.99.

PieceMaker – Kwiki, Karma, Kazili, & Kermit

PieceMaker introduces an array of silicone pipes, water pipes, and a one-hitter that are fun to smoke and easy to carry. PieceMaker silicone pipes are convenient, impossible to break and feature a built-in stainless steel permanent bowl that comes out for easy cleaning. PieceMaker Pipes make smoking on the go simple by including a spill-proof cap making carrying a full bowl of herb around town super easy.

The Kwiki silicone pipe is a one hitter made from food grade silicone that features a stainless steel removable screen bowl. Hang Kwiki on your keys or drop it in your pocket and take this one-hitter wherever you need it. This piece comes in 9 vibrant colors: black, blue, glow, green, orange, pink, rasta, red & yellow for just $7.99.

The Karma silicone pocket pipe is a compact 3.5” piece featuring a side carb for cool air, a hefty size bowl, and a clever spill-proof cap that doubles as a bottle cap for seamless traveling. Since it is made from food grade silicone, you can easily bend Karma in half to fit in the smallest spaces. Choose from 9 colors: black, blue, glow, green, orange, pink, rasta, red, & yellow for $12.99 each.

Kazili is another silicone pocket pipe made from food grade silicone offering a side carb, hefty bowl, and a cap for traveling. This hand pipe gets its name due to the design that is almost identical to a kazoo. Grab your Kazili piece in 9 unique colors: black, blue, glow, green, orange, pink, rasta, red, & yellow for just $22.99

Finally, the Kermit water pipe by PieceMaker. This bong is made from the same high-quality silicone used in all the PieceMaker pipes and includes a stainless steel removable screen bowl. Kermit features a dedicated six slit silicone diffused 18mm downstem, a large bowl, a clever spill-proof cap that can also be used as a bottle cap, and a fixed large BIC lighter pocket to store your lighter. The Kermit comes in 2 distinct colors: glow in the dark and rasta for only $62.99.

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