SmokeBuddy Company - The #1 Personal Air Filter

SmokeBuddy Company -  The #1 Personal Air Filter

SmokeBuddy Company is the very first personal air filter that revolutionizes the way you smoke. Whether you are smoking publicly or discreetly the SmokeBuddy is perfect. Founded in 2008, SmokeBuddy continues to create high-quality personal air filters for herb and tobacco smokers alike. SmokeBuddy has successfully produced a product that helps reduce strong odors, eliminate harmful pollutants, and combat annoying second-hand smoke. Locally stored and operating out of Southern California, SmokeBuddy lives by the motto “Keep Your Smoke To Yourself.” The SmokeBuddy comes in 3 unique sizes: Jr., Original, and Mega. Also, they offer a ton of unique colors such as black, white, lime, orange, pink, red, yellow, blue and green for complete customization. 

SmokeBuddy Multipurpose Functionality

One of the things that makes SmokeBuddy so great is its multipurpose functionality. Each and every person who uses SmokeBuddy has some unique reason. Whether you want to reduce the harmful smoke in the air, or keep your smoking on the down low from friends, family, roommates, or neighbors, the SmokeBuddy can offer you the harmless and discreet smoke that you have always dreamed of. Whatever your reason is, SmokeBuddy wants you to “Keep your smoke to yourself.” That’s exactly what the SmokeBuddy can do for you.  So, what’s the difference between the Jr., Original, and Mega? Let’s find out together…

SmokeBuddy Jr.

The SmokeBuddy Jr. Personal Air filter is a discreet, pocket sized, game changing carbon air filter. All you do is inhale your smoke like normal, and exhale your smoke through the easy-to-use SmokeBuddy Jr. Sit back and watch as your new buddy magically removes smoke and odor from the other end. If smoking wherever you want, whenever you want, without being noticed is a dream of yours, then wake up!

The environmentally friendly SmokeBuddy Jr. can go with you wherever you want to go and is a very loyal companion. SmokeBuddy offers travel caps for storing discreetly, and is estimated to last you 200 uses or more! Grab your SmokeBuddy Jr. in 6 colors: white, yellow, red, pink, lime, and black for just $14.99 and start smoking anywhere!

SmokeBuddy Original

The SmokeBuddy Original is the first personal air filter created by SmokeBuddy. Its rounded design makes it unique from the Jr., and Mega fitting very comfortably in your hand. This life saving air filter offers a consistently discreet approach to smoking wherever, whenever. Now, we would never advise doing these things, but I can’t tell you how many stories I have heard of people using the SmokeBuddy in public restrooms, movie theaters, walking down the street, or in a bedroom without your pesky roommates knowing.

The environmentally friendly SmokeBuddy Original is small enough to fit in just about any bag or purse and is a great companion to take with you wherever you go. Your personal air filter includes a SmokeBuddy Keychain with a LED light, travel caps for storing discreetly, and will last you for 300+ uses. Grab your SmokeBuddy Original in 9 different colors: black, white, lime, orange, pink, red, yellow, green, and blue for just $19.99 and start smoking anywhere!

SmokeBuddy Mega

The SmokeBuddy Mega is the newest addition to the SmokeBuddy family. The Mega features a filter that is 2x larger than the Original SmokeBuddy and 3x larger than the SmokeBuddy Jr. Adopting the same flat shape as the Jr., you can count on the SmokeBuddy Mega fitting comfortably in your hand while still being discreet. If you are a frequent smoker, the Mega is going to be perfect for you! With an estimated 600+ uses you don’t have to worry about replacing your filter for months or even years.

Just like all the SmokeBuddy products, simply exhale your smoke into the carbon filter and boom! The smoke and odor magically disappears leaving the air smokeless, odorless, and unchanged. You can even take advantage of the travel caps for discreet storing. Get excited for the MEGA sized Mr. MegaBuddy LED keychain that will light up when you squeeze him, because each SmokeBuddy Mega comes with one. Grab your SmokeBuddy Mega in 3 colors: white, green and black for $39.99.

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