Snoop Pounds Bongs | Hand-Blown Glass Water Pipes

Snoop Pounds Bongs | Hand-Blown Glass Water Pipes

Snoop Dogg is excited to announce the existence of his new POUNDS line of water pipes by Famous Brandz. To celebrate, he released a collection of 5 unique hand-blown glass bongs & dab rigs available to the public in 2017. Because we know Snoop Dogg likes to fly high and spend most of his time in outer space, each of these distinct water pipes are named after some type of ship. Whether you are a dedicated dabber or you stick to the greens, the Snoop Pounds product line has a piece to fit your needs. The names of these bongs are the Battleship, Rocketship, Starship, Spaceship, and Mothership. Let’s talk a little bit more about each of these awesome water pipes and the features they offer. 

Snoop Pounds Battleship

The Snoop Pounds Battleship glass dab rig by Famous Brandz is a true piece of art from the POUNDS line of glassware. Each of these pieces is endorsed by Snoop Dogg himself. You can guarantee that if it is good enough for Snoop Dogg, then it is good enough for you. This piece features beautiful and effective turbine and honeycomb percolators, 5mm thick glass, and is about 14 inches in height. The Battleship glass dab rig comes ready with a 14mm dome & quartz nail, and it includes a free 14mm herb bowl & quartz banger for the customizability you need and love.

Choose the Snoop Pounds Battleship dab rig in 4 colors: black, clear, red, and white for just $279.99.

Snoop Pounds Rocketship

The Snoop Pounds Rocketship glass water pipe from Snoop Dogg is a one of a kind sleek designed bong by Famous Brandz. It has earned its name because it literally looks like a rocket ship getting ready to take off from its launch pad. This piece features a convenient and refreshing 3 prong ice catcher with a glass on glass assembly and 14mm female joint. Also, the downstem features six diffused slits that act as a percolator for your piece. Standing 11 inches tall, the Rocketship is made from 5mm thick clear cane borosilicate glass. One of the other great features that the Rocketship water pipe offers is its extremely thick base which makes breaking this piece extremely unlikely.

Choose the Snoop Pounds Rocketship dab rig in 4 colors: black, clear, orange, and white for just $199.99.

Snoop Pounds Starship

The Snoop Pounds Starship water pipe by Famous Brandz is a lot more than just a bong. It offers the ability to easily be transformed into a dab rig for concentrates with its reverse 14mm male joint. From the Snoop Dogg product line POUNDS, Starship is a great starter piece for anyone looking for a compact bong that can hit like a champ. Just 6 inches in height, the Starship features durable 5mm thick glass, a diffused downstem, and is made from clear cane borosilicate glass.

The Starship includes a free 14mm quartz banger.

Choose the Snoop Pounds Starship dab rig in 4 colors: black, clear, purple, and white for just $119.99. 

Snoop Pounds Spaceship

The Snoop Pounds Spaceship dab rig is truly the most unique looking piece of the Snoop Dogg POUNDS collection by Famous Brandz. Part of what makes this piece so special is its ruffled percolator and compact design. This dab rig features a 14mm glass dome, quartz nail, and quartz banger for the highest quality smoke every time. The mouthpiece has an elegant design with 4 cooling rings for a comfortable and cool hit. The Spaceship is perfectly sized at just 6” tall with a wide base for increased balance and durability.

Includes free 14mm quartz banger.

The Snoop Pounds Spaceship dab rig comes in four colors: black, clear, green, and white for just $219.99.

Snoop Pounds Mothership

The Snoop Pounds Mothership water pipe is well…. It’s the Mothership! This bong is the top of the line piece when it comes to the Snoop Dogg POUNDS product line by Famous Brandz. Not only does this piece have an effective top dome perc, it features a unique barrel perc connected to the downstem. The wide mouthpiece offers a comfortable rest allowing you to take the fattest hits imaginable with ease. Standing 14 inches tall, the Mothership water pipe is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass and is a force to be reckoned with.

The Snoop Pounds Mothership dab rig comes in four colors: black, blue, clear, and white for just $259.99.

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