Steven Mattern | Hand Crafted Designer Wood Pipes

Steven Mattern | Hand Crafted Designer Wood Pipes

Steven Mattern is from Albuquerque, NM and the designer of uniquely crafted custom wood pipes. His focus is making pieces that are as beautiful as they are curious, useful, and unique. Coming from a mechanical engineering and architecture background, his work is a mesh of investigation and rigor of engineering as well as the vision and poetry of architecture. Many of the designer pipes are built from reclaimed material that has been rescued from a certain destruction. Some of the unique wood pipes that Steven Mattern is responsible for creating are the California Pipe, Santa Feo Pipe, Storage Pipe, and the Baby Gear Pipe. So, let’s talk a little bit more about each of these pipes and the features that make them unique. 

California Pipe

The California Pipe is a totally awesome and unique wood pipe that is designed in the shape of the wonderful state of California. This handmade miniature replica of California is a functional smoking pipe that swivels right or left to unveil the bowl and snuff out your herb. It’s heavy duty and extremely powerful magnets over the swivel lid keeps your herb safe and secure while you are on the go. Weighing only 1oz, with a height of 1 inch, length of 3.5 inches and width of 1 inch this wood pipe can easily fit inside any pocket or purse. Grab your Cali original Steven Mattern California Pipe for just $59.99. 

Santa Feo Pipe

The Santa Feo Pipe is nothing less than an amazing piece of art. Steven Mattern really outdid himself with this hand crafted wooden designer pipe. This pipe defines amazing craftsmanship, design, and functionality all packed into a novelty pipe like you have never seen before. This pipe is designed into three gears with unique functionality.

The first gear is where the mouthpiece is placed. Next, is the middle gear. This gear acts as the median between the mouthpiece and the bowl allowing the two gears to rotate seamlessly together. The third, and arguably the most important gear is where you pack your herb. This gear features three individual bowls that can be packed for convenient on the go storage or to share with a large group. Whatever the occasion, the Santa Feo wood pipe is not only one of the coolest and discreet pipes you have ever seen, but it is also one of the best hitting. Grab your Santa Feo pipe for $119.99 and enjoy smoking like never before. 

Baby Gear Pipe

The Baby Gear Pipe might just be the cutest pipe you have ever seen. For the men out there, don’t worry, it is a manly kind of cute too. This wood pipe displays the real characteristics of a true gear head. I mean literally, if you look at the pipe it looks kind of like a baby’s head with the mouth being the bowl. Whether you are into racing, watch making, or you are an admirer of the sophisticated process how gears put things into motion, you are without a doubt going to appreciate this beautiful handmade Baby Gear Pipe. This pipe has two carbs and two unique bowls to pre-pack or share with a group.

I know what you are thinking. No, the Baby Gear was not made by two parent gears. No, you won’t be taking it away from its family. Rather, Steven Mattern handcrafted this designer pipe out of reclaimed wood crafting it into the work of art that it is today. It’s time to take the next step in life. Adopt the Baby Gear Pipe today for $109.99.

Storage Pipe

The Storage Pipe is tiny but sophisticated pipe that has been handmade to perfection. It features a lid for both the bowl and the built-in storage to conveniently keep extra material for on the go smoking. The Storage Pipe is extremely durable and built to last made from layers upon layers of wood. Offering a steady grip, the Storage Pipe is perfectly sized, conveniently fitting inside of your pocket. It’s heavy duty magnets deliver outstanding surety for the bowl and storage area to remain secure while providing easy access when you need it most. Made in the USA, this little fellow weighs around 1oz, is .75 inches in height, .75 inches in width, and 3 inches in height. Add the perfectly convenient Storage Wood Pipe to your collection for $89.99.

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