The Happy Kit - All-in-One Smoking Kits for Travel

The Happy Kit - All-in-One Smoking Kits for Travel

How many times have you wanted to smoke and went to look for your lighter, pipe, or other smoking accessory and seem to have misplaced it for the one-hundredth time? It’s something that happens to us daily. Our keys, lighter, wallet, it’s all too much to keep track of.

You know those ideas that make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” The Happy Kit is one of those ideas. 

The Happy Kit began in 2014 when Moshe, the founder, decided to create a kit that contains everything you need for your smoke session. If you’ve ever needed a pipe, papers, grinder, or all of the above in one place, The Happy Kit is for you. Happy Kits contain a variety of smoking accessories. From glass pipes to one-hitters, grinders to papers, Moshe has thought of everything. The Happy Kit prides itself on being the perfect solution for the traveling smokers. Moshe aims to provide users with an easy solution to smoking on the go, and The Happy Kits do just that. Let’s take a look at the Happy Kits we offer. 

Happy Kit Deluxe

The Happy Kit Deluxe is a portable smoking kit. The Happy Kit travel case comes with a 3-inch glass pipe, plastic magnetic grinder, and one hitter pipe. The classic glass pipe is perfect for smoking on the go; it’s portable, easy to clean, and a well-known accessory for smokers everywhere. The magnetic grinder is a lifesaver; you won’t ever lose the pieces and no longer have to get your fingers all sticky from breaking up the herb yourself. No smoke kit would be complete without a one hitter. One hitters are perfect for when you need discretion or don’t want to load a full bowl. 

The kit also includes a waterproof plastic joint protector, 1 1/4" rolling papers, and filter tips. The waterproof joint protector isn’t something you see every day, but once you use one, you’ll never leave your house without it. It’s so nice being able to throw a joint into the protector and not have to worry about it getting smashed in a pocket or backpack. Plus, with two different sized rolling papers, you’re sure to have joints on deck at all times. 

The pouch has a zippered pocket for your herb, and elastic straps to keep the gear in place. You’ve never experienced organization like this. Instead of throwing everything in a purse or pocket, you quite literally have a spot for everything in this little kit. No more worrying about your one hitter or pipe breaking, everything is secured in place and protected by the hard shell case. Perfect for on the go use. 

This Deluxe Kit has quite literally everything you need. It’s the perfect gift for you or your friend. The hard shell exterior is easy to throw in a backpack without worrying about breaking anything. The matching gear is a plus as well. Whether you plan on traveling with your kit or just using it around the house to make sure you have everything in one place, this kit is sure to become your new favorite organizational kit. The kit is available for $29.99. 

Very Happy Kit

The Very Happy Kit is for serious smokers. The kit includes a 4-piece aluminum grinder, a 4” thick glass pipe, a one hitter pipe, and metal poker. That’s right – this kit comes with a full sized grinder with a built in kief catcher. Some grinders cost the price of this kit alone, making this a steal for what’s included. The thick glass pipe is not only a staple in any smokers collection, but a durable and decorative bonus to the kit. The metal poker is a must have for one hitters and clearing bowls, gone are the days of sticky fingers from clearing out your pipe. 

This kit is truly for the pros. You also get king size rolling papers and filter tips and 1 ¼” rolling papers and filter tips. You’ll always have joints ready, and none of that soggy stuff that the amateurs smoke, your filter tips will keep your joints crisp and clean. Store your joints in the included doob tube, your concentrates in the wax container, and all of your goodies in the smell safe, water resistant, and shockproof slick case. Everything is safe in the kit. No need to worry about the pipe rolling around, or the joints getting squished, there’s a spot for everything so you don’t have to worry about your gear rolling around and breaking. If you’re serious about your smoking sessions, the Very Happy Kit is for you. You’ll be everyone’s best friend with the Very Happy Kit. You can purchase the Very Happy Kit for $59.99. 

Happy Kit Mini

The Happy Kit Mini is the perfect kit for when you just need a few things while you’re out and about. Whether you smoke a lot of just a little, the Happy Kit Mini is sure to have everything you need for your smoke sesh. The kit includes a one hitter pipe, 1 1/4” pack of papers, and filter tips. It’s the perfect kit for discretion, when you’re traveling, or don’t feel like bringing all the gear along. The pouch has a zippered pocket for your herb, and elastic straps to keep the one hitter and papers in place. You don’t have to worry about losing any of your gear or breaking it in a pocket or purse. The Happy Kit Mini is great for on the go, the pouch’s small size will fit right in your pocket. This kit is incredibly affordable and available for $14.99. 

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker looking to keep your accessories all in one place, or a newbie who just wants everything you need to smoke without the hassle of going store to store to find everything, there’s a Happy Kit for you. After years and years of misplacing your stuff, isn’t it time you put everything together in a nice, padded kit?

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