Timberado Pipes | Wood, Stone, & Gem Peace Pipe

Timberado Pipes | Wood, Stone, & Gem Peace Pipe

If you are looking for a one of a kind pipe unlike any other, something that will wow your friends, and something that resembles an original peace pipe, then Timberado is the brand for you. 

Timberado is a brand-new Colorado based company that is known for creating a modern version of the classic Peace Pipe. The idea for the Peace Pipe came about when the founder discovered a pipe hidden in the attic of his house in 1966. Just four years ago, he started dreaming of ways to make pipes from Mother Nature’s finest wood, stone, and gems from all around the world. Understanding the health problems of smoking out of these stones and gems, he decided to design the pipe with a discreet internal glass piece. This invisible high-tech lining of glass allows your beautiful Peace pipe to retain its elegant appearance while being easy to disassemble, easy to clean, and easy to customize.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Timberado Peace Pipe and some awesome accessories that can be purchased along with it.

Timberado Peace Pipe

The Timberado Peace Pipe is created using some of the most beautiful wood, stone, and gems from all across the world combined with pewter, gold, and silver. While this elegant peace pipe is a work of art worthy of hanging on your wall, it is also the perfect piece to smoke from. Each Peace Pipe has an invisible high-tech glass lining and comes with a large glass bowl. The glass lining and bowl make the Peace Pipe extremely easy to clean while protecting your lungs from harmful chemicals. The Timberado Peace Pipe combines all the advantages of a beautifully designed pipe of high quality materials with the functionality and safety provided by the interior glass lining. Best of all, the Peace Pipe can be used for concentrates as well as your favorite dry herbs.

Grab your Timberado Peace Pipe today for just $299.99.

Timberado Peace Pipe Replacement Glass Liner

The Timberado Peace Pipe Replacement Glass Liner is an essential part of this beautiful pipe. This invisible glass liner makes smoking from your Peace Pipe clean, smooth, and extremely easy to clean. Transform your Peace Pipe from a decorative item to a fully functional pipe that hits like a champ with the Peace Pipe Replacement Glass Liner. Made from high quality borosilicate glass, this glass liner is easy to clean with rubbing alcohol and is custom made to fit perfectly inside your Timberado Peace Pipe.

Grab your Timberado Replacement Liner today for just $29.89. 

Timberado Peace Pipe Black Protective Case

The Timberado Peace Pipe Black Protective Case is the perfect addition to your classy Peace Pipe. With a smoking piece as nice as the Timberado Peace Pipe, it is important to take care of it with a protective case made to fit your Peace Pipe perfectly. This protective case features a fully zippered closure, a very padded interior with a plush interior and exterior, as well as a pocket to store your bowl piece. Made in the USA.

Grab your Timberado Protective Case today for just $39.99.

Timberado Peace Pipe Obsidian Rests

The Timberado Peace Pipe Obsidian Rests are absolutely crucial to display your brand-new Peace Pipe. With a pipe as fine as this one, it would be a shame not to display it in your house for others to see. These hand cut Obsidian Rests are designed to display your new peace pipe on a shelf or any other flat surface. Also, they are felt lined to protect anything that they come in contact with. Made from high quality materials in the United States.

Grab your Timberado Obsidian Rests today for just $39.99.

Timberado Peace Pipe Glass Bowl

The Timberado Peace Pipe Glass Bowl is made right in the heart of Colorado and is designed specifically for your peace pipe. This custom glass bowl is hand blown and made with a precision ground joint for the best smoking experience possible. Whether you want to pack a large party bowl or a small snapper, the Timberado peace pipe glass bowl has what it takes to lift you higher.

Grab your Timberado Glass Bowl today for just $39.99.

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