V-Syndicate Dabit Card | Grinder, Tray, & Tool Kit

V-Syndicate Dabit Card | Grinder, Tray, & Tool Kit

V Syndicate is an innovative brand that is changing the way you grind your herb. Their patented Grove ‘n’ Grind surface is pioneering a brand-new way to grind your dry herbs. The V Syndicate Grinder Cards are equipped with finger-friendly technology that allows you to easily and harmlessly grind herbs. The cards can then be used to easily scoop the ground herbs for multiple purposes. Once no longer needed, cards can easily and conveniently be stored away in a wallet or pocket. V Syndicate has transformed grinders from chunky and unsightly pieces of metal to an elegant and convenient design through their innovative products.

Dabit Card Grinder

The Dabit Card by V-Syndicate is an innovative and artfully created grinder, prep-tray, and tool kit all in one. The main purpose of the Dabit Card is to serve as a safe and stylish grinder that can fit in your pocket. The patented grind technology makes this a one of a kind invention that you must have. One side of the stainless steel Dabit Grinder Card comes with amazingly unique designs including: Elephant, Hamsa, Oil Head, Nebula, and Tribal Lion. The other side of the Dabit Card comes with some super useful tools.

Dabit Card Tool Kit

The Dabit Card comes with four tools including a packer, spork, scraper, and poker all serving a unique purpose. The Packer has a flat end that is perfect for packing vape pens as well as a thin end that can help with cleaning and reaching hard to reach spots on your pipe or bong. The Spork has a spoon-like tip for handling large amounts of oil with ease. The Scraper features two angled edges to scrape oil residue. Finally, the Poker is perfect for poking and cleaning your piece.

Dabit Card Prep-Tray

The last function of the Dabit Card is to act as a rolling tray. The silicone prep-tray is perfect for grinding your herb into and rolling up a joint or packing a bowl. With the functionality of a grinder, prep-tray, and tool kit all in one, the Dabit Card is a must have smoking accessory. 

The Dabit Card by V-Syndicate has dimensions of .25” H / 3.75” L / 2” W and weighs roughly 3 oz. with a cost of only $24.99.

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