Vapor Genie Review – Perfect Temperature Vaporizers

Vapor Genie Review – Perfect Temperature Vaporizers

Vapor Genie revolutionizes the way that you vape providing the perfect temperatures of 225-375 degrees. Their patented flame filter is specially designed to mix the flame and cool air providing ideal vaporization temperatures. Vapor Genie produces a wide array of products ranging from vaporizers, grinders, lighters, jars, accessories, replacement parts, and other cool stuff. Vapor Genie is so proud of the quality they provide that they offer a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to back it up. The highly popular vaporizers that Vapor Genie makes come in a variety of forms including glass, wood, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum. For the perfect vape, at the perfect temperature, trust Vapor Genie and experience the magic. 

In this article, we are going to get into a little bit more detail about the different pieces that Vapor Genie offers. Let’s start with their most popular product, the Classic Vapor Genie. 

Classic Vapor Genie Pipe

Vapor Genie offers the world’s first vaporizer pipe that uses a patented high purity silicon carbon ceramic flame filter insert. The flame filter acts as a heat transport where heat and cool air are merged to create vapor. The Vapor Genie will not be clogged with tar because vaporization produces very little tar. The Vapor Genies flame filter does not burn or deteriorate since it doesn’t contain any metals. All you have to do is twist off the top portion of the pipe containing the flame filter, and you have access to the herb bowl. Once you twist the flame filter back on, you are ready to start vaping!

The Classic Vapor Genie is the original model that has been in production for years. It features a Maple wood bottom and top, lead-free water-based acrylic paint, and a bowl, screen, and filter made of stainless steel. Measuring about 4.5 inches (mouthpiece included), the Classic is the perfect companion for all your vaping needs. Choose from 10 different colors and finishes including black, red, blue, green, purple, Cozumel, yellow, oak, maple, and walnut for just $55.00.

Hand Carved Wooden Vapor Genie

The Hand Carved Wooden Vapor Genie is about 5.4 inches from the removable mouthpiece to the center of the bowl. This is about 1 inch longer than the Classic Genie. These pipes are made with a natural and durable finish, a mixture of beeswax and carnauba wax. Each of the Hand-Carved Wooden Vapor Genies is $70.00 and comes in four unique styles: straight, wavy, smooth, and spiral. 

  • The Vapor Genie Straight is hand carved with the options of a Teak finish and a Walnut finish.
  • The Vapor Genie Wavy is hand carved with the options of a Teak finish and a Walnut finish.
  • The Vapor Genie Smooth is hand carved with the options of a Teak, Walnut, or Maple finish.
  • The Vapor Genie Spiral is hand carved with the options of a Teak, Walnut, or Maple finish. 

Vapor Genie Sherlock

The Vapor Genie Sherlock has transformed the classic Sherlock pipe design into a beautiful and sleek work of art. Made with Schott borosilicate German glass, measuring 2.5 - 5 mm thick, the uncompromising Vapor Genie Glass Sherlock is extremely durable. Simply remove the top portion containing the ceramic flame filter, fill your bowl, and you are ready to go. Best of all, loading your bowl is extremely easy since it sits stably upright on a flat surface. The Sherlock also features a 50% deeper bowl compared to other Vapor Genie models. Don’t worry about cleaning your Sherlock since very little tar is created during vaporization. Pick up your Glass Sherlock Vapor Genie for $119.00. 

Vapor Genie Glass Bat Vaporizer

The Vapor Genie Glass Bat Vaporizer is one of a kind. Its 42-gram light weight and one-piece design make traveling with your bat extremely easy. No need for batteries, chargers, or extra accessories, all you need to get vaping is some herb and a lighter. With German made Schott borosilicate glass measuring 2.5 mm thick, this piece is extremely durable. Also, the Glass Bat features a sliding stainless steel door that grants you access to your bowl. Simply twist to open and close to preserve. This technology can only be found on the Vapor Genie Glass Bat. Grab one today for $65.00.

Vapor Genie Aluminum Bat

The Vapor Genie Aluminum Bat is nickel/chrome plated rather than anodized. The chrome plating creates a super smooth and shiny piece and also provides a higher quality corrosion and chemical protection than anodization. Made from superior 7075 aluminum, these pipes are lightweight weighing just 60 grams and measuring 4.5 inches long. The Aluminum Bat is $45.00 and provides the same great vaping technology as the other Vapor Genie products.

Vapor Genie Coil

The Vapor Genie Coil is the world’s first bat-styled vaporizer which uses a patented high purity inert silicon carbide ceramic flame filter. The Vapor Genie Coil is made of stainless steel wire and consists of 5 coils precisely compressed to avoid any air leaks. The air gap between the inner and outer coils provides thermal insulation keeping the outer surfaces cool to the touch. Its two halves fit together by twisting/screwing and can also be separated to give you access to the bowl. The Stainless Steel Vapor Genie Coil is $35.00.

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