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Vortex Water Pipes | Gravity Vortex & Straight Tube

Vortex Water Pipes | Gravity Vortex & Straight Tube

Vortex Water pipes were invented by a group of young lawyers in Long Beach, California. They wanted to create a smoking device that was simple in design, but clean and progressive by nature. Not too long after, these entrepreneurs went off to Amsterdam to win the Gold Medal at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Hailed as one of the greatest smoking products in the world by High Times Magazine, Vortex Water pipes quickly gained success and notoriety. To take it further, they were even featured on Showtime’s television show WEEDS and FX television show Wilfred. Made entirely in the United States, Vortex takes pride in the quality products that they create. 

In this article, we are going to learn a little bit more about the Gravity Vortex water pipe and the Vortex Straight Tube water pipe. Both water pipes are very different but they both offer the amazing smoking experience that Vortex Water pipes is known for. 

Gravity Vortex Water Pipe

The Gravity Vortex water pipe is a great piece for any smoker whether this is your first piece and you want something that will last a while, or you just want to add a more durable piece to your collection. Gravity Vortex gets its name because it resembles a gravity bong. Do you remember the good ole days of smoking out of soda bottles in high school? Well, the Gravity Vortex is guaranteed to pack a powerful hit while remaining as smooth as silk. Designed to maximize pulling efficiency, Gravity Vortex’s innovative design filters the smoke between two chambers. 

The Gravity Vortex is also simple and clean. When the valve is released, water drains to the bottom of the pipe and pressure draws smoke into the top chamber. As you inhale from the top mouthpiece, fresh air mixes in to create a smooth effect, smooth life a vaporizer, but with greater effects and less wasted herb.

The Gravity Vortex can be found in a variety of colors and sizes. The Gravity Vortex 14” comes in blue, green, and gray for just $89.99. The Gravity Vortex 24” also comes in blue, green, and gray for $119.99.

Vortex Straight Tube

The Vortex Straight Tube water pipe is created using some of the most durable and thick Pyrex glass you will find on a bong. This straight shooter features a glass on glass bowl and down-stem ensuring the smoothest and most efficient smoking experience possible. Thanks to the little percs on the downstem, they will assist in capturing large particles of debris in the water reservoir filtering and moistening the smoke before you inhale. In addition, the Vortex Straight Tube offers a 3-prong ice-catcher giving you the ability to add ice for an even cooler smoke. 

Each of the Vortex Straight Tube pipes are hand blown and may slightly differ giving you a completely unique piece unlike any other. Grab your new Vortex glass bong for only $149.99 and experience smoke like never before.

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