Wickie Pipe Lighter | All-in-One Pipe with Storage

Wickie Pipe Lighter | All-in-One Pipe with Storage

If you think you have seen it all, think again! The Wickie Pipe Lighter is by far one of the most unique all-in-one pipes available with truly everything you could need for on the go smoking all in one place. What is an all-in-one pipe?

All-in-one Pipes are one of the fastest growing trends in the smoking pipes industry and it’s easy to see why. They are compact, on-the-go pieces that combine everything you could ever need all into one compact place. They offer all the necessary features including a lighter, storage for your herb, and a pipe all built into one amazing piece.

Wickie Pipe Lighter all-in-one pipe with discreet storage

What makes the Wickie Pipe Lighter so unique is that it combines these all-in-one features in a new and improved design that is discreet and efficient. The Wickie Pipe Lighter is a true all-in-one pipe that offers safe and discreet storage of your favorite herbs, a built-in refillable soft flame lighter, and of course the pipe itself.

When you first see this piece, the Wickie Pipe Lighter looks like a pretty basic lighter. What you can’t see, is all the bells and whistles (unless you already know about them). The Wickie Pipe Lighter has a hidden flip up acrylic mouth piece that opens to a 90-degree angle for smooth and seamless use. Once you have opened the mouthpiece, it’s time to find the stealthy bowl section. The bowl is protected by a metal-flap that conveniently secures your unused product when you are finished smoking. It can also be used to distinguish burning herbs which does a great job at conserving your meds.

So far, I have only described to you the mouthpiece and the bowl. What makes this pipe an all-in-one is its built-in storage as well as the built-in lighter. This pipes storage compartment can be found attached to the body underneath the acrylic mouthpiece. You can only get to the storage compartment after you have lifted the mouthpiece adding an extra layer of security.

The lighter is designed right on top of your bowl so it can light your bowl for you. Never burn your fingers again! Simply click down to light the flame at a 90-degree angle, and inhale forcing the flame down into the bowl. The Wickie Pipe Lighter is easily refilled with butane gas and you can even adjust the flame control to your desired level, controlling the size of your rip.

The Wickie Pipe Lighter Original in all its glory is only 9 oz. with dimensions of 1.50 inches in length, 3.50 inches wide, and 0.5 inches in height. You can find the Wickie Pipe Lighter here for just $39.99. This is an absolute must have for any smoker whether it’s your first pipe or tenth. The Wickie Pipe Lighter comes compact in a hard gift box includes with 1 extra stainless steel dome filtration screen and poker rod for easy cleaning.

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