Wood Pipes | Hand Pipes & Smoking Pipes

Wood Pipes | Hand Pipes & Smoking Pipes

There is nothing better than owning a pipe that you can feel confident is going to last you a long time. While glass pipes are great, they are also very breakable. Wood pipes offer an amazingly natural, smooth, and refreshing hit while surviving drops and other accidents. When it comes to Wood Pipes, there are a few companies that stand out as clear leaders with superior products. These companies include Monkey Pipe, Steve Mattern, RYOT, and Bearded Dugout. Let’s take a look at these brands and some of the products that they are famous for.

Monkey Pipes

Monkey Pipe was founded in Oregon by Erik Sigrist in the early 1990’s. From day one, they have thrived by crafting their smoking pipes from the best custom hand finished hardwoods. Apart from the high-quality hardwood, Monkey Pipe uses stainless steel nuts and screws as well as nickel plated mouthpieces and bowls. Some of their greatest wood pipes include the Classic, Jet Pal, Peabody, Oregon Trail, and Fisherman’s Friend. 

Monkey Pipe – Classic

The Monkey Pipe Classic is the first original pipe that introduces a swivel body and mouthpiece all built in one. All you have to do is turn the lid either right or left to uncover the bowl and gain access to the mouthpiece. If you have some herb left over that you want to save for later, simply turn the swivel lid to cover and extinguish the bowl. The Classic Monkey Pipe can be picked up for just $22.99 and is available in 7 colors: black, silver, blue, yellow, green and red and purple. 

Monkey Pipe – Jet Pal

The Monkey Pipe Jet Pal is a cool and comfortable wood pipe designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Made from the highest quality hardwoods, the Jet Pal also features the largest compartment of all the Monkey Pipes with a stainless-steel sliding cover to store your herb. Finally, the Jet Pal uses a stainless-steel dome swivel lid to prevent ash and debris from falling out of your wood pipe while on-the-go. Grab a Jet Pal Monkey Pipe for just $26.99. 

Monkey Pipe – Peabody

The Monkey Pipe Peabody Original was designed as a smaller companion of the original Sherlock Holmes wood pipe. To combat the problem that many users had with the Sherlock Holmes size, the Peabody uses its swivel lid keeping this wood pipe compact and discreet. The swivel lid acts as a cover for your bowl which is ideal for snuffing out burning herb and storing your unfinished goods. This wood pipe is built durable and will last you for many years. Measuring 2” when closed and 3.5” when opened, the Peabody uses 0.625” filtration screens and will cost you $24.99. 

Monkey Pipe – Oregon Trail

The Monkey Pipe Oregon Trail Original is one of the most unique wood pipes you will ever see. The Oregon Trail offers a see-through acrylic inlay for smoke visibility. This means that you can watch the smoke pass through the pipe as you are inhaling. The convenient swivel lid helps to snuff out herb and doubles as a hefty built-in storage for on-the-go smoking. You can find your Oregon Trail Original at WickiePipes affordably priced at $19.99. 

Monkey Pipe – Fishermans Friend

The Monkey Pipe Fisherman’s Friend is the lightest and most comfortable pipe you could carry. The Fishermans Friend was named after how fisherman prefer their gear; lightweight, compact, and useful. Similar to the Monkey Pipe Classic, the Fisherman’s Friend has a swivel lid that grants you access to the bowl and mouthpiece once opened. However, this wood pipe comes with a stainless swivel piece which opens the secret storage compartment. Grab a Monkey Pipe Fisherman’s Friend Original for just $24.99.


RYOT designs and creates modern lifestyle accessories geared for the 21-st century consumer. RYOT was established in 2003 and is made for smokers by smokers. Their focus is creating the highest quality accessories with perfection as a standard for everything they manufacture. Some of the best wood pipe products that RYOT makes are their Taster Bats and Taster Boxes.

RYOT - Taster Bat Eject

The RYOT Taster Bat Eject Smooth Tip is a 3-inch one-hitter wood pipe that easily loosens tough materials and ashes simultaneously with a spring-loaded eject mouthpiece. Simply fill with ease and press to eject ash. RYOT eject is made with scratch resistant medical-grade anodized aluminum to last. Choose your Taster Bat Eject in 4 wood choices: bamboo, maple, rosewood, and walnut for just $9.50 each. 

RYOT – Taster Bat Digger Twist

The RYOT Taster Bat Digger Twist with its revolutionary serrations tip properly digs through herbs for quick loading. Twist the mouthpiece and push forward to eject ash. Choose the RYOT Taster Bat Digger in 2” and 3” sizes with wood choices of bamboo, maple, rosewood, and walnut. The 2” Digger Twist is $15.00 while the 3” is $16.00. 

Steven Mattern

Steven Mattern is from Albuquerque, NM and the designer of custom made wood pipes. His focus is making pieces that are as beautiful as they are curious, useful, and unique. Many of his designer pipes are built from reclaimed walnut wood material that has been rescued from a certain destruction. Some of the unique wood pipes that Steven matter is responsible for creating are the California Pipe, Santa Feo Pipe, Storage Pipe, and the Baby Gear Pipe. 

Steven Mattern – California Pipe

The California Pipe is an awesome and unique wood pipe that is designed in the shape of the wonderful state of California. This handmade miniature replica of California is a functional smoking pipe that swivels right or left to unveil the bowl and snuff out your herb. It’s heavy duty and extremely powerful magnets over the swivel lid keeps your herb safe and secure while you are on the go. Grab your Cali original Steven Mattern California Pipe for just $59.99. 

Steven Mattern – Storage Pipe

The Storage Pipe is tiny but sophisticated wood pipe that has been handmade to perfection. It features a lid for both the bowl and the built-in storage to conveniently keep extra material for on the go smoking. The Storage Pipe is extremely durable and built to last made from layers upon layers of wood. It’s heavy duty magnets deliver outstanding surety for the bowl and storage area to remain secure while providing easy access when you need it most. Add the perfectly convenient Storage Wood Pipe to your collection for $89.99. 

Steven Mattern – Santa Feo

The Santa Feo Wood Pipe defines amazing craftsmanship, design, and functionality all packed into a novelty pipe. This pipe is designed into three gears, each with unique functionality. The first gear is for the mouthpiece. Next, is the middle gear. This gear acts as the median between the mouthpiece and the bowl allowing the two gears to rotate seamlessly together. The third, and arguably the most important gear is where you pack your herb. This gear features three individual bowls that can be packed for convenient on the go storage. Grab your Santa Feo pipe for $119.99 and enjoy smoking like never before. 

Steven Mattern – Baby Gear Pipe

The Baby Gear Pipe might just be the cutest pipe you have ever seen. For the men out there, don’t worry, it is a manly kind of cute too. This wood pipe displays the real characteristics of a true gear head. I mean literally, if you look at the pipe it looks kind of like a baby’s head with the mouth being the bowl. Whether you are into racing, watch making, or you are an admirer of the sophisticated process how gears put things into motion, you are without a doubt going to appreciate this beautiful handmade Baby Gear Pipe. Adopt the Baby Gear Pipe today for $109.99. 

A Pipe Store

A Pipe Store is proud to offer high-quality smoking pipes such as the Big Hitter Golf Club Pipe. After opening several retail stores in Colorado, and serving as consultants for some other retail operations, A Pipe Store decided to go nation-wide with their amazing products. 

Big Hitter Golf Club Pipe

The Original Big Hitter Golf Club Pipe compliments golfers who enjoy a good wood pipe after a few swings. Big Hitter offers a palm size club where the bowl and carburetor sit along with the shaft. Installed with an induction style bowl, Big Hitter allows you to smoke with an open or closed lid, which doubles as storage. Big Hitter is made from Persimmon wood and can be yours for just $49.99.

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