7th Floor LLC. is the manufacturer of the world’s greatest desktop herbal vaporizers; the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer, Da Buddha, Life Sabor, and portable SideKick and various other glass accessories. 7TH Floor began as an idea in 2002 after the founders had decided that desktop vaporizers were just not good enough. The heating elements would burn out after a few months and were just not worth the price. They began by testing over 9 different name brand ceramic heating elements to see which one worked the best. After finding the highest quality heating element, 7th Floor LLC began to blow their own glass to provide the first truly glass on glass experience. For the smoothest, purest, and highest quality vape around, check out 7th Floor Vapes high quality vaporizers.

7th Floor LLC.

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Silver Surfer Vaporizer
$150.00 $289.99
Da Buddha Vaporizer
$130.00 $189.99