Erbanna was born out of necessity to serve women with fashionable and odor-controlled pipe cases. Anna Shuch, founder of Erbanna was tired of carrying around her smoking accessories that left a smell in her purse. So, she embarked on a journey in finds of a case designed for women - beautiful and to serve a purpose - coming back empty handed Ann decided to team with her FIT graduate daughter and long term friend Jerome Miller. The team then sought to design and create cases for women to carry their pipes, vapes, grinders and other smoking accessories in style and without any odors. Erbanna has integrated proprietary Odor-Loc Technology in all of its line of products to give women the assurity of carrying smoking accessories doesn’t need to be other people's business. Browse Erbanna line of cases including, Chrissy, Rae, Mindy, Jenny, Kimberly & Kate.


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Erbanna - KIMBERLY - Clutch
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Erbanna - MINDY - Case
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Erbanna - KATE - Backpack
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